The Grindr Guide: The Finale & Final Thoughts

In the past couple weeks, I’ve posted 7 episodes of an eight part documentary web series called The Grindr Guide. The series follows the lives of five gay men as they explore sex, dating and friendships through geo-based application Grindr. The eight-part web series was filmed over a six-month period during early 2012 and debuted on YouTube in March 2013.

The final episode has been released and it follows up with the guys on how they feel about the app based on their experience and how it makes them feel as a person. Some seem like they’ll continue to use it, while others prefer who they are as a person when they are not using the app. Some interesting discussion and things to think about.

Do you guys have Grindr? Have you had Grindr and then deleted it because you found you were wasting time, had a bad experience, or got into a new relationship? Share your experiences and opinions in the comments after you watch the video below.

‘The Grindr Guide’ Episode 8: The Finale

  • Very interesting documentary. Technology is revolutionizing every part of our lives–even our love lives.

  • patrick carrillo

    Admittedly, I need to watch this doc, however, my grindr experience is just a slightly less drama-filled version of my Jackd experience. And THAT experience is basically this: I message guys, some cause they’re sexy and I want to sleep with them- most of them just cause I’m bored and wanna chat… Of the 5 replies (for the 50 or so messages sent) I get, 4 of them involve some sort of insult for being too old (im 27) too tall (6’4) too fat (ok i am but im losing weight- 280lbs) and too ugly (possibly)

    So all in all its depressing. Grindr is like an entrance exam to a modeling school. Those who pass never needed to take the exam anyway, those who have a hard time on it…. were never really cool enough to get in anyway- but thanks for trying.

  • Vyron

    I had Grindr a few years back. To say that it changed my life is an understatement. I met a couple of guys, shared some great memories together. The hook up was hot and endless. I had shares of people not responding to my messages, and men continuously sending me messages despite ignoring them. Then one day in 2010 while I was at work, this guy sent me a message. We exchanged a couple of messages and one fine afternoon, I decided to ask him out for a movie. He said yes. Turned out to be the best date of my life. We were both cynical whether it would progress to something deeper. So we just took our time in getting to know each other. Each day got better than the day before and it came to a point that we both deleted the app. In exactly two months from today, we are celebrating our second year together. And in those two years, we’ve never been happier in our lives. We shared equally painful and sweet memories that any couple experience. We change together, grew together, and both our families and friends are happy for us. Do I owe this to Grindr? All couples know that a relationship last because of the hard work that each party puts in the relationship. But I will not deny that Grindr was our true north that led us to find each other.