Movie Review: The Green Hornet

ALRIGHT! I’m going to be completely honest in this and say that I really had absolute no idea of the back story of The Green Hornet. Not to be confused with The Green Lantern (which comes out later this year), The Green Hornet is a superhero movie starring Seth Rogen. The reason I put a question mark after superhero is because I’m not really sure if The Green Hornet is a superhero. I think he is more of a masked vigilante kinda guy…yeah let’s go with that.

This movie stars Seth Rogen in his VERY publicized “slimming down” role. This guy lost weight for this movie, so that generated buzz. Now while I admit that Seth Rogen is funny, I kind of always felt that he plays the same character; the stoner funny rambles on kind of guy so I wasn’t sure how he would be in the iconic role.

I am here to say that he was awesome.

The Green Hornet is Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) , the heir to a mega billion dollar media empire that he inherits after his dad dies of a bee sting. He is mourning his father when he meets Kato, the car mechanic/barista of the Reid household (odd combination but it makes sense). After a prank goes wrong and Britt and Kato end up fighting off some armed goons, Reid has the genius idea of taking on this masked persona, but instead of being the typical good guy, he had the idea of being a pretend bad gay to get into the bad guys good books then TAKE EM DOWN. Hard to write, easy when you’re watching it. Reid decides to make his new alter ego the headline of his newspapers, and they come up with the name GREEN HORNET (Kato does really in a hilarious scene), and so the Green Hornet is born.

The crime boss who “owns” LA, starts to get worried as The Green Hornet and his chauffeur starts destroying his meth labs, and taking out his goons, pretty standard good guy/bad guy stuff. That isn’t the main attraction of this film. The main attraction is Kato, his amazing cars and the fact they used the 3D REALLY REALLY well in this film. I usually don’t like 3D (unless it’s an animated movie) but they used it really well in this flick. And Kato (played by Jay Chou) STEALS the show. There are moments I kind of found this like the Rush Hour movies, but The Green Hornet had some legit laugh out loud moments between the two.

This movie was written by Rogen (SURPRISED ME) and stayed true to the story. It definitely has the Rogen/Evan Goldberg feels to it where some scene feel improvied more than directly taken from the script, but it works. I’m surprised this movie didn’t come out in the summer because it really felt like a summer action movie, but maybe it’s smarter to release it now so that it stand alone against other films.

MOVIE RATING: I give this movie a SOLID 4/5…and I hope they do a sequel.