I came across this video on a few sites this morning, and since we already had a viral singing video this morning (Erato covering Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” – amazing), I almost didn’t write about this. Then I thought, I just have to share this with you. A few days ago, someone named “Beth J” uploaded a video titled, “The Greatest Song Ever Written“. The description to her video reads, “All you need are four chords to write the greatest song ever written” So what is this song all about?

The song is an acoustic mashup that she sings, while playing the four chords on the piano. She has blended together countless songs in a way that makes sense. Beth credits the Axis of Awesome for being her inspiration for the song. She’s blended together songs from artists that include Celine Dion, Brandy & Monica, Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias, and many, many more. She even includes “3-Way (The Golden Rule) which is amazing.