The Greatest Event in Television History: Watch It Here

Earlier this week, Adult Swim premiered what they called “The Greatest Event in Television History” at midnight Thursday, (Oct. 11). The over the top dramatic event was brilliantly hosted by Jeff Probst of Survivor. The video is eleven and a half minutes long, but worth checking out.

The event is the making of a shot-for-shot remake of the opening titles to the 1980s private-eye show “Simon & Simon,” with Jon Hamm (Mad Men) and Adam Scott (Parks & Recreation) taking the roles of Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker. The mockumentary-style special also stars Paul Rudd as well as cameos by Megan Mullally, Paul Scheer and Kathryn Hahn. The shot-for-shot remake is actually pretty bang-on in comparison to the original.

My favorite part of the whole thing is how Jeff Probst delivers all of his over-the-top Hollywood cheese lines – especially his opening: “Hi everyone, I’m Jeff Probst and welcome to this. In just a few hours in this historic Hollywood movie theater, Hollywood’s most important Hollywood-types will have arrived to watch what will surely be one of the most important events to ever been televised from this historic Hollywood theatre, here in Hollywood.” Love him. Watch the video below.

The Greatest Event in Television History

  • zurvivor

    I watch until 7:51 and then i stop. Is that really the greatest event in television history?