Leonardo DiCaprio Stars As ‘The Great Gatsby’ In New Movie Trailer

The movie trailer for the upcoming film, ‘The Great Gatsby‘ has just debuted, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Toby McGuire. We’ve got your first look below!

Here’s the plot: The story follows would-be writer Nick Carraway (Tobey McGuire) as he leaves the Midwest and heads to NYC in the spring of 1922. This is a time of loosening morals, glittering jazz and bootleg kings. In pursuit of his own American Dream, he ends up next door to a mysterious, party-giving millionaire named Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio), and across the bay from his cousin, Daisy (Carey Mulligan), and her unfaithful husband, Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton). Nick is drawn into the captivating world of the super rich, their illusions, loves and deceits. As he takes it all in, he is able to write a story about impossible love, incorruptible dreams and tragedy, holding a mirror to our own modern times and struggles.

The movie looks really intriguing and from what I’ve seen and the cast involved, I’m sure that you’ll see “Gatsby” in the Oscar nominations. The film hits theatres in December. Check out the trailer below.

  • CT

    I was skeptical when I heard they were making another version of Gatsby, but I should have trusted Baz Luhrman to give the movie a unique look. But really, does The Great Gatsby need to be in 3D?

  • steven

    I hate the trailer. It’s far too flashy for the 1920’s. It looks more like Panem than West Egg. Plus, from what I can tell, the music is way too modern too. It’s the 1920’s, not 2020.