Box Office Massacre: Death vs Michael Myers


Did September just come and go without anyone telling me? You’d think it was October by looking at this weekend’s new movie offerings. Both The Final Destination in 3D and Halloween II open in theaters this weekend in what would be an ideal match up during late October. Why both films are opening in August boggles my mind. I guess, they’re both trying to capitalize on the last days of summer before all the kiddies go back to school. So which horror flick will win the box office rumble this weekend? Let’s take a closer look.

The Final Destination
This is the fourth in the Final Destination franchise but the first in 3D. Are we tired yet of watching unknown hot young actors being offed off in more uniquely fashions than the previous films? I think not. Usually what happens in the Final Desitnation movies is one of the characters has a premonition that a big catastrophe is about to occur. They usually freak out and cause a ruckus which allow a few of the would-be victims to cheat death by getting kicked out of the situation. In the first film it was a plane crash, second was a massive highway pile-up and the third time was a runaway roller coaster. This time the accident occurs at a fun-filled day at the race track. The previous films have usually done better on opening weekend than their predecessor. I predict this installment will do the same. Given the fact it’s playing in 3D which usually garner higher ticket prices and the public’s morbid fascination of watching people try to outwit death’s plan will add to the draw. It’s also the last regular weekend before Labor Day where people are looking for light entertainment before craving to be intellectually stimulated by the more cerebral films which come out in fall.

Opening Weekend Prediction: 20 million


Halloween II
Halloween II is the second in writer-director Rob Zombie’s reboot of the slasher legend but technically the ninth in the Halloween series. His first attempt at the Halloween franchise opened to an impressive $30 million when it opened over the four day Labor Day weekend in 2007 but that wasn’t against another horror flick. Personally my two favorite films in the Halloween series are the original with a young Jamie Lee Curtis and the H20 anniversary film which featured Jamie Lee again as Josh Harnett’s mother. I think the sequel to the reboot will garner less attention at the box office because the curiosity of Rob Zombie’s vision on the franchise is no longer there. Besides it’s the ninth film to watch anti-hero Michael Myers wielding his craziness all over the screen. I’m over it.

Opening Weekend Prediction: Unlucky 13 million

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Given the choice of watching pretty young things trying to outsmart death only to be maimed and made into mincemeat in three dimensional will be a far bigger draw than watching Myers slash another victim. If I were to see a movie this weekend, I would give the edge to Final Destination. Ever since I’ve seen the Final Destination movies, I’ve never been able to go in a lie-down tanning booth or fish out debris in the garborator the same way again.