Nigel Barker Calls ANTM A ‘Caricature’ In Promos For New Modeling Show The Face

Oh snap!!! Nigel Barker certainly isn’t holding back his feelings regarding his old gig, America’s Next Top Model. To be perfectly honest, he’s only preaching the gospel. Tyra Banks certainly drove ANTM into the ground and made it into one huge joke. The show had such potential early on to truly find fashion industry’s next “big” things. Instead, it became a showcase for Banks and all her cray cray delusions.

“Whereas ‘ANTM‘ was often times a bit of a caricature of the modeling business, ‘The Face‘ isn’t,” Barker says in the promo clip below. It’s all about real clients, real jobs and a look at the modeling industry as you’ve never seen it before. Based on the short teaser released, it certainly has potential. Words can’t even describe how excited I am for the show’s premiere on the Oxygen network in February 2013.

Even though I adore Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha and glad they’re on the show as team captains and mentors, the real draw here is Naomi Campbell. That woman is a supermodel legend and one scary ass bitch. That combination is what makes her so effin’ awesome. In a video below she sternly delivers, “If you have the camera on the right, where should your head be?” FIERCE. Even my knees were quivering when I heard that and I’m not even the one it was directed to.

Campbell’s team shouldn’t be the only ones that should fear her. Her fellow mentor Kurkova is the target of couple of zingers herself. Check these two out: “You’re an idiot and now your team is going to lose,” and “I’m very disappointed in your choice, Karolina. All I’m going to tell you is that it’s game on from now on.” Classic Naomi. All that’s missing is a cellphone being thrown around 😉 Check out all the promos below.

The Face: Teaser

The Face: Naomi Campbell Promo

The Face: Coco Rocha Promo

The Face: Karolina Kurkova Promo

Naomi Campbell Facing Off Against Karolina Kurkova

Are you going to check out The Face? Which supermodel will have the winning model, Karolina, Coco or Naomi? Will The Face garner better ratings than ANTM’s last cycle? Sound off below.

  • Bitter Bitter Bitter….and for that I wish you no luck. Bitter Nigel is only serving up leftovers…it’s basically the same show with different angles……and perspectives. If Nigel did something original..lets say…anything but a modeling competition…I’d be open to it. But I’m not jumping ship from Tyra, besides the next cycle is girls and boys….sounds like a fun romp to me..and a bit more outside the box

  • Gummy

    seriously Nigel? I love him but…after 18? cycles? that’s really bitter…..I’ll check out the face tough…. :D… I think it was unnecessary but it works for promotion right?

  • Jairo Eluvier Acosta Guevara

    Tyra You love wind your neck in!!!

  • Patrick

    nigel has a point. we had 19 cycles already, and is there any alumni that’s very successful, maybe 1 or 2, but a winner who became huge in modelling industry, is there already?
    we’ll see if The Face can make a TOPMODEL or SUPERMODEL.

  • Cherry Noble

    Just like ANTM is Tyra’s playground, The Face will be all about Naomi, like anyone doubts that? Poor Coco signed up for this crap just to up the ratings and credibility. No supermodel will ever walk off a TV Show. No!

  • u565f

    I just watched Oxygen’s, “The Face,” and am completely disgusted with Naomi Campbell’s attitude & treatment of the models in the cast and of the other judges. She acts like such a fucking diva bitch, like she can disrespect whomever she chooses, and that she is better than anyone. I will never watch that show again.
    Fuck her diva attitude! I like Tyra’s show so much better!!!! She’s nice!!!!!