The Face Of Furry Creek Hits The Mark!

The newest brain child of friend of Homorazzi’s Mark Kenneth Woods, known for the Deb and Sisi series, premiered on OutTV two weeks ago, with the second episode just airing this week. This latest mini series follows a group of delinquent characters all vying to win the title of spokesman for their hometown in a television competition testing their, *ahem*, “skills”.

Premiering to mixed opinions, the comedy series actually does something that I haven’t seen OutTV do before, and new blood and fresh ideas on that network are always welcome in my books. With more extras on the internet than there is actual television show, after every episode you can go online to, for instance, watch the audition videos after the first episode, or catch the blogs the characters have created in a, mostly, disastrous attempt to win that grand prize. Not only do you get an entertaining show, you also can delve into the internet side of the show and get to know the characters a little more in a non-live “After Dark” style thing.

Although I always reserve judgement until a show is a couple episodes in, I have to say that any haters be haters, because the show is creative and hilarious. We’re not looking at drag queens trying to be drag queens, or gays trying to play straight. Taken with a grain of salt, the tongue and cheek style comedy the show offers is exactly what it’s meant to be. Repeat characters like Deb and Sisi always have me coming back for a little more, and with a slew of new faces, I have to say that this may be the nail on the head that Mark Kenneth Woods was looking to hit.

After watching episode one, I was a little hesitant on the pace the show was going at, and pretending you like something from someone’s work your familiar with is always a bit stressful, but beginning with a lot of talking heads is par for the course, getting to know the characters in episode 1, and episode 2 creates the bang the show needed to get it’s momentum going. I also have to say I’ve watched episode 3 and 4, and like a car full of disgusting characters rolling downhill, the show just keeps getting better and better. With guest characters like the nationality confusing Yoshi, and a couple of great roles played by local Vancouver comedians Amy Goodmurphy and Ryan Steele, the show’s plot doesn’t leave me wanting for anything. Quite the opposite, the show has me hooked, and anything that makes me laugh out loud even once, let alone multiple times as this charade has me doing, is better than half the crap sit-coms that are getting cancelled every season on bigger networks with larger budgets.

I say kudos for Woods for putting himself out there, writing, directing, and acting, in a show that works for me and has me excited to see what, let’s face it, absolutely ridiculous one liners will come, what silly sweater Deb might be wearing next, or if we’ll actually understand a word of what Greg’s Mom Liz is ever really talking about. I like supporting ventures that are gay owned, operated, and executed, not dissimilar to that of the very blog I’m writing on at the moment, and although it’s in everyone’s nature to judge, I say give Face of Furry Creek a good college try, because despite it’s deliberate silliness and although it may not be for everyone, what is? Besides a couple guys dressed up as women, I think it’s great that the show itself isn’t necessarily gaycentric and could appeal to any age or sexuality. Altogether IMHO, FOFC is actually a very clever and entertaining show, and I’m in.

The Face of Furry Creek Trailer

Visit the website for Face of Furry Creek here to watch all the extras, and make sure to go to the OutTV website to check the listings. More videos, head to their YouTube channel.