Apparently, the old adage “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” needs to be updated to “hell hath no fury like a former male model scorned”. Based on Nigel Barker’s new gig, I would say he was plenty scorned. Barker was part of the massive cast shake-up over at “America’s Next Top Model“, along with Jay Manuel and Jay Alexander. At the time, both Barker and Tyra Banks issued statements that were filled with rainbows and unicorns regarding him leaving ANTM. I wonder how Banks feels about it now.

Oxygen network just announced that Barker is hosting their upcoming modeling competition titled, “The Face“. Here’s the kicker… he’ll now be working with Tyra’s former modeling rival Naomi Campbell. Somewhere out there, Tyrant is pulling out her weave. LOL.

The reality show is looking for a model to become “the face” of a major national brand. Campbell will be one of three judges who will lead their respective team of would-be models towards becoming the spokesperson for the not-yet-revealed brand. Find out the other two supermodels involved in the project. That’s right, we have real supermodels involved.

Canadian beauty Coco Rocha and Czech blond stunner Karolina Kurkova are going head-to-head with Naomi, mentoring their aspiring models to super stardom. The coaches will guide the hopefuls throughout the series, advising them as they go through challenges such as photoshoots, runway shows, and commercials with some of the industry’s top photographers and designers. Hopefully, they’ll do it without all those tacky challenges ANTM makes their contestants endure.

I can’t believe Oxygen scored this trio of lovely ladies. They’re three of my favorite models of all-time. On paper, “The Face” is already far superior to ANTM, especially given the new line-up of judges on the CW show. All Oxygen needs to do now is hire Jay Manuel and bring Andre Leon Talley on board. Then we’ll have the show that ANTM should’ve been.

Auditions for “The Face” began in July 2012, and the program is scheduled to air on the Oxygen network in 2013. Are you excited for “The Face“? Do you think Barker signed on to get back at Banks? Sound off below.