A New Theatrical Trailer For “Dark Knight Rises” Has Arrived

YES! Merry Christmas to all! This morning, I was excited to wake up to see that a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises had hit theaters over the weekend. First moment of heart break came when I saw that it hadn’t been released online by the studio. Aha! Thankfully due to the way the internet and social media works, it has leaked online in a bootleg version that is actually pretty okay quality.

The trailer is dark, mysterious and eerie with the voice of the little boy singing the Star Bangled Banner in the background followed by the crowd chanting. We get to see a lot of Selena Kyle, played by Anne Hathaway and clips of Bane (Tom Hardy) building his army for one last throw down to finish Batman once and for all. One of my favorite pieces of the clip is watching the football stadium deteriorate as the player runs for a touchdown. Turns around, and sees the field completely caved in. So excited. Check out the leaked trailer below. Quick, before it gets removed!

“The Dark Knight Rises” Theatrical Trailer