The CW Finds Its Alexis Carrington Colby For ‘Dynasty’ Reboot… And She’s Absolutely Perfect

Let’s get this straight. No one can or will ever do a better job at playing Alexis Carrington Colby than Joan Collins. She was deliciously wicked as the villain on Dynasty. With that being said, The CW has done itself a solid by casting an actress capable of playing the iconic role with the same type of fiery gusto.

Nicollete Sheridan has been tapped to play the beloved character. According to the press release, Alexis “will return unexpectedly to their world, challenging Blake’s marriage to Cristal, seeking to reunite with her children, and fighting to claim what is hers.”

This isn’t Sheridan’s first rodeo with regards to nighttime soaps. The 54-year-old star first wowed television viewers as Paige Matheson on Knots Landing and then as Edie Britt on Desperate Housewives.

No official date on when Sheridan will make her first appearance, but it’s likely it’ll happen during the last few episodes of Season 1. Like the original series, the reboot is off to a slow start. The 80s soap didn’t really take off until Collins arrived as Alexis. Fingers crossed for The CW, Sheridan has the same effect when she makes her debut.

What do you think of this casting choice? Yay or nay? Sound off below.

  • Jason Paul

    Good choice, she can play devious well.

  • Chris

    Ok. Now bring on that lily pond catfight.