The CW Gives ‘Dynasty’ Reboot A Full Season Order

Dynasty isn’t exactly breaking records, but it’s done enough for CW executives. The network ordered an additional nine episodes, bringing the soap opera’s Season 1 order to a full 22 episodes.

The reboot premiered to only 1.3 million viewers and a 0.3 in the 18-49 demo. Last week’s episode dipped even further, attracting 740,000 viewers and an anemic 0.2 rating. The network’s other freshman series, Valor, is actually faring better than Dynasty. However, the military drama hasn’t received the back nine order yet, nor does it look like it will.

Why did Dynasty get the greenlight for more episodes? Two words… ownership and Netflix. The CW has complete ownership over the show and a profitable deal with the streaming service that was put in place prior to its premiere. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new Carrington clan gets renewed for a sophomore season come springtime.

Produced by Josh Schwartz, Sallie Patrick and Stephanie Savage, the series centers on two of the wealthiest families in America, as they feud over the control of their fortunes and children. The reboot features a much more diverse cast than the original 80s soap. Cristal is now Hispanic, while both chauffeur Michael Culhane and the Colby family are African-Americans. Sammy Jo, who was played by Heather Locklear in the original, is now a gay Hispanic man.

Are you watching the revival? I am but it hasn’t become guilty pleasure viewing yet. Producers need to bring Alexis stat. Question is, who can step in and do as fantastic of a job as Joan Collins. Probably no one, but it’s worth a try. Weigh in below.

  • Jason Paul

    I like it. The new Steven is a hottie.

  • Chris

    Taraji as Alexis haha