Coming into Thanksgiving weekend is always a bit of a dubious situation for me: is everyone heading out of town? are any parties actually competing with the family-ridden vacation? how many more kids have my siblings created this year around to bring to the dinner table? So, to find out that yes there is a proper event for us mo’s to enjoy was a definite smile inducer… hearing that it’s being hosted by the built boys of the gay hockey league was a definite, well, you-know-what erector 😉

The Cutting Edges (a reference to the kitsch 90s skating cult classic?) are Vancouver’s gay hockey club and they host an annual dance party called Oktoberfest for fans and friends alike to drink, dance and skate at (for the few dozen brave enough to combine tequila and toe picks 😉 Last night it was hosted at the Denman rinks and was by all accounts a total success… okay, I actually kind of failed miserably at my true mission to finds me a husband, but that was certainly not due to a lack of prospective bachelors: this party is a veritable beefy, sausage fest!

Spawned from an attempt to send a team to the New York Gay Games in 1994, this relatively new but nonetheless growing and established society of hockey-lovin-man-kissin’ gentlemen has cornered the Thanksgiving weekend scene for those not “looking for scene”. Offering a fun and relaxed alternative to the clubs, drugs and 18-year-old-fake-id’ed-twinks, the Oktoberfest party is a cool way to meet some boys in this town you might otherwise never see out. My problem is that I’ve pretty much ran through the gamut with the “party boys” so to be able to meet some salt-of-the-earth hockey men and their fans is a definite boon in my books!

I arrived with Donovan around 11:30 so had just enough time to catch the last round of skaters enjoying the ice as we circled the party and enjoyed the talent. The main room offered strong lighting for those brave enough to endure it and allowed you to scope out what you’d ACTUALLY been flirting with in the next room and was a great place to relax and chat without having to avoid moshing dancers lookin’ for a bit more than just a chat. The set up was extremely well executed (NOT a common occurrence in most gay events in Vancouver) as the league itself manned all the volunteer positions from ticket rippers, to coat checkers, to merchandise salesmen all the way to bartenders. A fun idea, it’s encouraging to see an entire league come together to support their event- soccer we usually force about 5 guys to volunteer per event so seeing about 30 hockey boys out to help was really cool. You may think it weird I’m harping on this, but understand the most important point: you never had to wait for a drink. Thank GOD. The bar had about ten tenders waiting to take your order in their… wait for it… jock straps and offered a smile and a wink with every beer. The dancing was a bit more stand and sway (at least around midnight when I was there), but that didn’t stop more than a couple men from finding a beau for the evening :)

Overall, the event was a total success and Donovan and I had a great time and even though I sadly dragged my single ass away without having scored (… that was suppose to be a hockey pun but I really don’t think it worked that well ha), I had a great night and am counting down till the next one. I’ve heard word from their organizer that there’s another Hockey-sponsored event in March 2011 and you can bet your icy ass I’ll be there with bells (and not much else) on! [Will include info for that as I receive it!]