‘The Curse Of The Un-Kissable Kid’ Is The Cutest Gay Short Film Ever!!!

This charming short film has been kicking around for years, but I only recently stumbled upon it over at GayGeekFabulous. If you love, love and musical numbers, this clip is a must.

Joshua suffers a plight many young gay kids sadly experience. The 14-year-old is the victim of bullying, all the while discovering and understanding his own sexuality. After meeting a psychic at a local carnival, he’s given a magical potion that will solve his problems. There’s one catch though.

If he doesn’t experience true love’s kiss within 24 hours, he’ll become invisible forever. It’s a cute take on young (gay) love.

Mark Marchillo and Matt Marr wrote the film with Marchillo directing and Marr producing. Drew Droege of Chloe Sevigny Internet fame appears as the school principal. Check out the film below.

The Curse of the Un-Kissable Kid (Gay Short Film)