My favorite pop/trip-hop duo The Cataracs have been producing hits like mad for the likes of Far East Movement and Dev. Now, it’s their turn to shine in the spotlight with the debut of their own EP titled, “Gordo Taqueria.” While I thought I would know what to expect from the boys on this album, I was completely caught off guard, and in a good way. Members Campa and Cyranizzy definitely turned the bass up high for all eight tracks. Get ready to feel your stomach rumble.

The album starts off with the club thumping “Calling Me” which is a track I would have never expected to hear from this production team. It’s so synth, drum and bass heavy you’d think you were listening to a deadmau5 track. That’s followed up by “Cantaloupe” which is your typical Cataracs track. Great beat with skillful and witty lyrics. The third track is their current single, “All You” which definitely grew on me upon first listen. Then BAM, we are hit with the deep hip hop track that is “Mouthful.” Definitely different from the trip-hop we’ve heard from the group before.

Ooo Yeah” is one of my favorite tracks on the new EP. The heavily produced vocals work well against the synth and drums and is really space-y sounding. “Synthesizer” is a sexy little number which is basically a euphemism for hooking up with a chick. The deep bass synth in the hook will definitely rattle your teeth. I love it. The EP wraps up with the tracks “Roll The Dice” and “Alcohol.” Dice definitely has some Guetta influence in the production side of things and the last track is straight up for the clubs. Give the full EP a listen below and tell us what you think.