The Cataracs Announce Breakup

The talented hip hop indie-pop duo, The Cataracs have just announced that they are split. The duo consisted David “Campa” Benjamin Singer-Vine, a songwriter and vocalist and Niles “Cyrano” Hollowell-Dhar, a songwriter, vocalist, and producer. There were two, and now there’s only one.

They started working together during their years at Berkeley High School. We first got to know them from some of their collaborations with Dev, and even had the opportunity to interview them and Dev while they were here in Vancouver a while back.

They rose to fame with “Like a G6,” but have since put out a bunch of hot tracks. Now, with one deciding to part ways, there will only be one member of The Cataracs. Find out who and why this is all happening in the statement from Niles below.

“To all of our amazing fans,

The Cataracs, as of 2 weeks ago, has taken a new form. David informed us of a pretty big decision… The decision to follow his heart and put music down. At the time it hit me like a sack full of “what the fuck” bricks. But it’s a choice I respect. He deserves happiness and if it’s not here in The Cataracs then he should be out there finding it.

Got it? Kinda intense right? Now breathe…

As for the future: Well, as some of you may know I’ve always been the only one in The Cataracs who produces music. So that doesn’t change. In fact, instead of slowing down these last weeks, I’ve collaborated with artists I could only dream of before and created the best music of my career. And the music will only continue to get bigger and better. You just won’t be hearing David on it anymore. It’s sad… But some doors close so that new ones can open.

So all that being said… Whattup guys. I am The Cataracs.


  • =/

    but niles was always my favourite.
    and its david decision. At least the cataracs aren’t fully dead.
    Niles will continue to bring out the greats beats to my headphones

  • M

    :l tbh i also repect the choice Campa made but it would be great of he came back in a few videos my friend told me about The Catarcs she told em about Top of the world and i loved it now im listening to all of your songs Campa you need to come back for one more vid ;o it wud be great and also good luck to finding your thing