The Bush Man Frightens Walkers In Central Park As Halloween Prank

As you may already know by now, I love a good prank. Halloween is obviously a great time for pranking given all the scary costumes that are available to us. One man has made a tradition of scaring people at a Halloween with a costume he made. This guy gets a treat out of tricking.

In order to transform into a bush, a guy bought a camo shirt from Dicks Sporting Goods for $15, camo pants from Wal Mart for $8, leaf vines from Michael’s Arts & Crafts for $40, a camo head veil from Wal Mart for $4 and he was ready to go. After fastening the vines to him with safety pins, he became a bush that was able to blend in with the background and hide from unsuspecting pedestrians.

This year, the “bush man” took his prank to Central Park in New York and jumped out at people or snuck up behind them and some of the reactions are hilarious. The best is when he shouts, “I’m a bush!”

The Bush Man In Central Park

Halloween Scare Prank 2011

  • hizi

    i love the “WASABI” one:D