I have to admit, when news of this film started circulating, I was a tad sceptical. After Matt Damon so skillfully delivered a trio of great performances depicting the character of Jason Bourne in the films adapted from the series of novels, I thought it was time to put this franchise to rest. However, author Eric Van Lustbader took the character of “Bourne” and created his own series of novels under the same premise. The first of his to hit the big screen will be The Bourne Legacy which stars the talented (and sexy might I add) Jeremy Renner.

When learned that Damon and original director Paul Greengrass weren’t involved, it made us nervous. However, Renner was recently interviewed by Empire online, and released a bit of information about the upcoming blockbuster including the name of his character and whether or not Treadstone is involved. “Yeah, it’s that same deal, it’s just a new set of agents with a different leash,” Renner tells Empire. “It’s the same tempo and pace but more expansive and bigger. The differences are pretty vast but you’ll know it’s a Bourne movie.”

Okay, I am feeling a little less sceptical now. Empire also published a picture of Jeremy as his character. Jeremy was kind enough to tell them who he is and what he’s all about. Check it out below.

“My character is called Aaron Cross, but he ends up having a bunch of different names. For fans of the franchise, [“The Bourne Legacy”] has that same ticking clock, but it’s a new programme and new characters.”

What do you think of The Bourne Legacy. Has your interested been piqued or is nothing without Matt Damon. The film opens in theaters August 13, 2012.