A Bodyguard Remake? Sacrilegious!!!

Oh, HELL to the NO! Whitney Houston thought crack was whack. I wonder what our sweaty lipped queen has to say about this. Warner Bros. is remaking its 1992 hit, “The Bodyguard” originally starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston who made her film debut. Even though the film earned six Razzie nominations, the film raked in over $420 million worldwide. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder the studio is making this a priority project.

Reportedly, the remake will follow the original script but with a few changes to make it more contemporary. Instead of a Secret Service agent, Costner’s character will be a former Iraq war veteran who’s first post-military gig is that of protecting a celebrity. Quickly he discovers that modern technology like Twitter, Gawker Stalker and Google Maps has made it easier for stalkers to access celebrities. Thus, making his job even more difficult, especially when you throw in some nookie nookie in there.

In the end, it’s not really the story that made the original a hit. Critics everywhere slammed the movie’s plot and Houston’s wooden acting. What made it a hit, was Whitney’s magical voice and the power ballads. If the studio wants to duplicate its success, casting is key. They need to take a popular female singer and give her the platform that The Bodyguard did Houston.

Though casting hasn’t begun yet, it’s not too early to start throwing out names. You would think Beyonce would be a no-brainer for the role, but given she’s attached to another music-driven remake, I just don’t see that happening. Recently, the singer was tapped by Clint Eastwood to star in his remake of “A Star Is Born“.

With Mrs. Jay-Z out of the picture, that leaves the door wide open to a slew of other ladies. Rihanna could be a good choice, if she has better natural acting chops than Christina Aguilera. I could also see the studio trying to woo Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus as well. If they really want to think out of the box, they could entertain Lady Gaga or Susan Boyle in the lead role. Heck they can even do a gender swap and have the celebrity be Justin Beiber and throw in a gay twist. How awesome would that be?

What do you think of this latest development? Is a Bodyguard remake a good idea? Who would you like to see in the lead role and which hunky star should they cast as the bodyguard. Post all your suggestions below.

  • Paolo

    JHud would be an even more obvious choice, I think. But to be honest, I don’t see this movie working at all even if they get a fantastic singer/actress to play the lead. That storyline has just gotten stale after all these years.

  • W Paul

    Honestly I dont think it is THAT bad an idea. the gay theme would be what Brokeback Stage? swap the gender of the characters entirely. Get a male for the artist and a female for the security. then make the female Rhianna, and the male Eminem but I sincerely doubt he would do it.

  • Luis Baratta

    THIS IS SUCH A BAD IDEA!!! no one can replace or compare to whitney!!!

  • Allie

    JHud’s a good idea, and I love the Bodyguard meets Brokeback idea, but not with pipsqueak Bieber. He’s too young, as are Swift and Cyrus. I’d also love to see the gender roles reversed, but who would play the male lead. They would have to go country if they are going to find a man to rock, so to speak, the ballads. Country… hmmm… back to Bodyguard meets Brokeback!