American Idol Champ Joins The Biggest Loser

I was debating whether or not to make you guess which American Idol champ was joining Season 15 of the NBC weight loss reality show, but let’s be honest, Ruben Studdard is the obvious choice. Even when Kelly Clarkson was at her heaviest she wasn’t The Biggest Loser material. The Velvet Teddy Bear on the other hand is. Hope Ruben knows what he’s getting himself into. Jillian Michaels is hardcore.

This isn’t the first time the Season 2 winner has attempted to lose weight. Back in 2008, he slimmed down considerably when he married Surata Zuri McCants but gained it back when they divorced in 2012. He explained stress eating because of the divorce and a $100,000 tax bill from the IRS were to blame. Studdard also lost a bit of weight when he turned to vegetarianism, going from 455 lbs to the 380 lbs range.

With 40 approaching, the 34-year-old R&B singer wants to address his weight with a renewed focus. He is quoted as saying, “I don’t want to be worried at 40, and if I don’t fix things now, I will be.” If past Idols’ track records on other reality shows are any indication, Ruben should do well. Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken came in second on the fifth season of The Celebrity Apprentice, while Kellie Pickler danced away with the mirrorball on the most recent season of Dancing With The Stars.

Do you think Jillian Michaels can whip him into shape? Does Ruben have a good chance of being The Biggest Loser? Sound off below.