Say what you will about Ashton Kutcher. No matter how annoying his celebrity persona can be (and it is), the dude is always on the forefront of the next hottest thing. He was the first high-profile cougar chaser, the first to hit over 1,000,000 followers on twitter and don’t forget Punk’d. Now Kutcher is at it again with one of the most innovative ideas, I’ve seen in a long time.

Even though, I predicted the Kutcher produced “The Beautiful Life” would be a stinker for The CW network, I ended up loving this guilty pleasure cheesefest. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t Shakespeare by any means, but it was entertaining enough to keep my interest. With all the pre-season promotion going to “Melrose Place“, “The Beautiful Life” got the promotional shaft. After only airing for two episodes, The CW immediately pulled the plug. The biggest problem I have with network television is how they handle canceling shows. That’s not to say I don’t see where they’re coming from. I fully comprehend the financial reasons for their decision, but what I don’t understand is their decision to not air already filmed episodes for the canceled series. I for one, am extremely pleased ABC is airing filmed Eastwick episodes during this mid-December new programming lull.


Enter Kutcher with his brill idea. This week, Kutcher launched “The Beautiful Life” channel on YouTube. Starting this week, he released the first of three unaired episodes, and then next week he will air the two other unaired shows. Partnered with HP, Kutcher’s hope is to have the first ever TV series to garner more YouTube views that actual viewers when it aired on TV. As an FYI, “The Beautiful Life” garnered about 1.5 million viewers each for its two episodes. Personally, I hope Kutcher succeeds and more networks take this type of approach. Who knows, if the show generates enough views it might be the first to get renewed via this method. Hopefully, it’ll keep Mischa Barton on the straight and narrow, if she has a steady job.


As an added bonus, Ashton launches a “Beautiful Change” video initiative where you upload video responses on how you hope to start 2010 with a “Beautiful Change”. Watch the video for details.


I hope with the next two episodes, we find out who Barton’s baby daddy is. Confession time, I already know. Once the series was canceled, scripts for the unaired and yet to be filmed episodes surfaced on the web. Regardless of this intel, I still hope I actually get to see it with the following two episodes.