Let’s Talk “Bachelor Pad” Season 2

Okay. Let’s talk this year’s season of the Bachelor Pad. Last season, I caught an episode here or there but never really go into it. This year, I’ve allowed myself to fall into the trap and I have to tell you I’m hooked. Last night, I was glued to the TV while all of the latest drama went down. If you haven’t been following, let me give you a quick update.

This season, returning Bachelor Jake Pavelka has been placed in a house with his ex-fiancé Vienna Girardi and her current boyfriend Kasey Kahl. The drama between these three has been non-stop high school bullsh** and honestly, it’s like a train wreck that you cannot stop watching. It doesn’t help that Vienna also broke up Gia Allemand’s relationship prior to the show either by sleeping with her boyfriend. With all of this back story, how can you NOT love this show.

Last night’s episode laid the drama on REAL thick and made me absolutely DESPISE the power couple that is Kasey & Vienna. They are absolutely ruthless and literally have no sense of trust, morals or dignity in the house and it absolutely infuriates me.

First off, all Vienna does is sit on the couch and bitch about her relationship with Jake and how is this horrible person. However, you can tell that she is absolutely fabricating everything just to make him seem more awful than he is. Unfortunately, everyone int he house believes her and the two continue to bully the poor guy. They CANNOT wait to get him out of the house. However, the show took a crazy twist last night that made me so thrilled.

At this point I am team Jake but it wasn’t fairing well for him with everyone telling him that he was the man to go home tonight. However, Chris Harrison walked into the living room and told them that all of the men would be safe and that two gals would be heading home. The twist was a sigh of relief for Jake but made Vienna and Kasey absolutely lose their minds, even to the point where they contemplated packing their bags and going home. They are SO RIDICULOUS.

With all of the shadiness, backstabbing and high-school like fighting going on, Gia decided that she wasn’t cut out for the madness and decided to the leave the competition before voting began, leaving Jackie Gordon and Ella Nolan on the chopping block. Having an alliance with many in the house, Jackie was presumably safe, making her new beau in the house Ames Brown feel a-okay. But then, turning on their friends, Kasey and Vienna voted to send Jackie home and Ella was declared safe for one more week.

Shocked by the situation, Ames and Jackie said a very heartfelt and kissy goodbye at the limo. She got in and the limo began to drive away. Overcome with love, he told the limo to stop and chased it down to only get in and leave with Jackie. He stated to the camera that are truly the winners of Bachelor Pad, winning each other’s love. SO SWEET. Where was this Ames during The Bachelorette? Regardless, it was so great.

Now, Vienna and Kasey have to deal with Jake for one more week and I cannot wait to see if Jake wins the next competition to keep himself safe just to drive the power couple crazy. It’s my favorite thing to see them crumble between clips of them declaring how much they run the house.

So to all of you Bachelor Pad fans out there, do Kasey and Vienna annoy you as much they annoy me? I hope that they both leave at once OR one of them leaves before the other. It’s going to be GREAT television.

  • Mardie

    Oh, I hope Vienna and Kasey DO leave! They make me sick. Everyone needs closure whether it was a bad breakup or not, I commend Jake for trying. Vienna harboring all that negative energy is not good, we all have to deal with the bitch named Karma and she’s ruthless! Although, I have to say they do make great television… BP needed a villain and they got two for one! I hope everyone works out for Jake in the future. P.S. Erica sounds like a man sometimes, lol.