Bachelor Pad: Meet The Hot Men & Who’s The HOTTEST?

The producers of “The Bachelor” franchise are taking a page from “The Real World” book of creating spin-offs. With 14 seasons of “The Bachelor” and six seasons of “The Bachelorette” underneath it’s belt, Mike Fleiss decided to bring back 19 of the most outrageous, hottest and memorable singles rejects from the dating reality series for a second chance of love and/or a cash prize.

Bachelor Pad” is a new summer series from ABC that will pit the former looking-for-love losers back into the mansion to compete in team and individual competitions. The winner of each competition will win immunity and the opportunity to go on a date with the contestant of their choice. At the end of each episode, the remaining contestants will eliminate cast members from the competition. The winner will walk out with $250,000 and possibly… LOVE. Think “Big Brother” but with showmances mandatory.

Though there are 19 contestants in all, there are only eight men in the cast which makes sense since there is a vastly smaller pool of men to pick due to fewer “Bachelorette” seasons. Having said that, some of the most memorable men *cough* hottest men are coming back, to show off their sexy chiseled bodies. Check out the hunk of beefs below and vote on who you think is the sexiest? “Bachelor Pad” premieres Monday August 9 with a special 2-hour premiere. Chris Harrison will host the competition with the assistance of former “Bachelor” contestant turned “Dancing With The Stars” alum, Melissa Rycroft.

Jesse Beck, 25

Ali Fedotowsky’s season, 2010
Occupation: General Contractor
Residence: Peculiar, MO
Jesse B. is the sexy, strong, silent type. He’ll have to deal with Season 6 cohorts Jonathan (“the weatherman”) and Craig M., who often needled him about his tattoos.

David Good, 28

Jillian Harris’ season, 2009
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Residence: Dayton, OH
David clued us in on the “man code” (certain things you do and you don’t do) during Jillian’s season. We can’t wait to see what he’ll “do” when he reunites with old nemesis, Juan Barbieri.

Juan Barbieri, 37

Jillian Harris’ season, 2009
Occupation: General Contractor
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Juan butted heads with arch-rival David Good, not just over Jillian, but over everything! He’ll not only have to deal David, but everyone else in the pad if he’s to win it all.

Jesse Kovacs, 28

Jillian Harris’ season, 2009
Occupation: Winemaker
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
“The wine guy,” Jesse K., melted the ice with Jillian on a glacier in Whistler. If only we could bottle his charm.

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Kiptyn Locke, 32

Jillian Harris’ season, 2009
Occupation: Sales & Operations Manager
Residence: Encinitas, CA
Kiptyn may have lost Jillian’s heart to Ed, but those unforgettable washboard abs already makes him a winner with us. Will he be able to stomach the competition here?

Wes Hayden, 33

Jillian Harris’ season, 2009
Occupation: Country Music Artist
Residence: Austin, TX
Wes may be the most notorious participant in Bachelor history having admitted to joining The Bachelorette in search of stardom instead of love with Jillian. Will the stars align for him here?

Craig McKinnon, 34

Ali Fedotowsky’s season, 2010
Occupation: Dental Sales
Residence: Toronto, Canada
As Ali searched for her dream man, Craig was weatherman Jonathan Novack’s worst nightmare. Storm clouds are on the horizon as Craig M. crosses paths with “the weatherman” once again.

Jonathan Novack

Ali Fedotowsky’s season, 2010
Occupation: Weatherman
Residence: Houston, TX
Jonathan, “the weatherman,” loathes Craig McKinnon. and once warned Ali he was a “dangerous guy.” We’re thinking Jonathan’s latest forecast looks rather gloomy, as Craig is back to rain on his parade.

Personally, I find David Good and Kiptyn Locke the hottest. Too bad David was such a douche during his season. Hopefully he’s changed his douchey ways since his season. Somehow I doubt it. But is it wrong of me to think he’s even sexier with the scruff and the ink on his left shoulder.

  • Ummm… wasn’t this called Paradise Hotel? That show was a TOTAL disaster. Loved it!

  • Allan

    What about all the other seasons of The Bachelorette? I hated some of the guys they’ve chosen from the last two seasons. I’m sure there were better guys in the other seasons.

  • Erik

    They are all Caucasian????? Typical!!!!!

  • alicia

    dave- defff the hottest.

  • o my god your the hottest guy i ever seen i love you god bless you hotty