The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 9: “I Love Pink & Sparkles”

Last week, crazy (sometimes very attracted to hot men) David was fired last week, allowing Stephanie and Poppy to survive the boardroom. It’s now a three person team consisting of the two women with Anand. Back in the suite, Anand and Clint banter back & forth as Anand starts to get really cocky.

The next day, everyone comes back in the boardroom, where the dress code is casual for once. “I’ve just been given some very disturbing news… Anand has been texting people…,” essentially asking people to bring money to help his team out when he was PM. Anand denies it. “Do you want me to read a text message?” asks Trump…three times. Finally he does read it aloud: “Come to Trump Towers from 10-1:30pm bring…at least $50 cash…” Wow. Anand admits it and ends up getting fired. Everyone is shocked, including me. “I crossed the line….It’s just a tough pill to swallow,” says Anand. The good news is, the teams are now even. Liza (to her dismay) joins Stephanie and Poppy on Fortitude. They battle against Octane, comprised of Clint, Brandy, and Steuart.

Their task this week is to build a display to promote Kim Kardashian’s new fragrance line. Poppy is project manager for fortitude, while Clint steps up for Octane. Fortitude is going to go with a life size Kim Kardashian dangling from a ring, while Octane wants to go with an acrylic old vanity. “I’m about the furthest thing you get from feminine,” says Clint, who is relying heavily on Brandy being a female to guide him through this. Unfortunately, Brandy says she’s not as feminine as the girls on the other team.

Meanwhile, “I love pink and sparkles,” says Poppy…and that about sums her up. Liza stays with construction, while Stephanie and Poppy go shopping and work on graphics. While in the car, Poppy and Stephanie discuss who thought of what idea in case they have to fight against Liza in the boardroom.

Time to check out the displays, and who better for the job? None other than Kim Kardashian and Stephen Nussdorf of Perfumania. Hopefully the teams are able to keep up with the Kardashians… I had to use that somewhere in this post.

Well, Fortitude’s display, bedazzled with sequins and feather boas, looks cheap and frilly. Essentially, it looks like a school project and not something I should be looking at on The Apprentice.

On the flipside, Octane’s looks amazing! They had an acrylic/lightbox background that gave off a purple glow and was so much more professional and cleaner than Fortitude’s. They weren’t even in the same category.

When Stephen and Kim tell Donald their decision, Kim also says that Chloe (her sister) say “Hi”. Hilarious, since she’s a former Celebrity Apprentice competitor.

Needless to say, Trump said “It wasn’t even close,” and Octane wins. Clint gets to meet with the head of Starwood Hotels, Barry Sterling, while the other team remains in the boardroom where the three of them will get beaten down and one of them will be fired.

As you can guess, since the sequins & boas were Poppy’s idea she is fired. Lest We Forget, Poppy is fired on Remembrance Day.