The Amazing Spider-Man & Dark Knight Rises Get New, Dark Posters

Next summer, movie goers will be treated to two big and epic blockbuster action movies. The first is The Amazing Spider-Man on July 3 starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. The second is the highly anticipated Dark Knight Rises on July 20 with Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway. Both films have released new posters and they are pretty amazing.

In the previous three Spidey flicks, they’ve been more on the action-comedy-romance side. The new poster reveals that the film could take a little bit of a darker twist: a very welcome change. As we’ve seen in the trailers, the film will really take a focus on Peter being an orphan and that whole tragedy. It’s all sounding a little bit Nolan-esque don’t you think?

The latest poster for Dark Knight Rises is nothing less than what I expect from this franchise. The poster leads us to believe that an ultimate altercation goes down between Bane and Batman with Bruce Wayne being left worse for the wear. With the rain and the cracked mask, I think this movie is going to let us have it. Check out both posters below.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Dark Knight Rises

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