‘The Amazing Race’ Season 30 Cast Includes ‘Big Brother’ Couple, Well-Strung Hunks, Competitive Eaters & More

The Amazing Race just officially announced the cast for its milestone 30th season. The reality competition touts this edition boasts some of the most competitive and accomplished teams to ever take on the race.

“Our goal in Season 30 was to pick the most competitive teams in the history of The Amazing Race,” host Phil Keoghan tells TV Guide. “If you look on paper at who we have lined up at the starting line this season, you will see we have teams that are the best of the best in their chosen field, hot shots — and hot dogs — in their chosen fields. And then there are a few wild cards in there.”

Teams include IndyCar drivers Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly; retired NBA All-Stars Cedric Ceballos and Shawn Marion; X-Games champions Kristi Leskinen and Jen Hudak; nationally ranked debaters Henry Zhang and Evan Lynyak; Big Brother power couple Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf; competitive eaters Joey Chestnut and Tim Janus and others.

In addition to Cody and Jessica, the team I’m rooting for is Team “Well Strung,” consisting of Trevor Wadleigh and Chris Marchant. The hot boyfriend couple are string quartet musicians. I previously featured Marchant in a past Man Crush post.

Teams begin their adventure in Washington Square Park in New York City and immediately travel to their first destination, Iceland, where they must traverse a massive canyon high above the Geitargljufur River. Along the Race, teams will travel to 10 countries, 21 cities and over 29,000 miles in the quest to cross the finish line first and win the one million dollar prize.

The Amazing Race Season 30 kicks off on Wednesday, January 3. Check out all the racers below and weigh in on which teams you’re rooting for.

The Amazing Race Season 30 Cast

Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf

Age: 32 and 26
Hometown : Plano TX and Los Angeles, CA
Relationship: Dating/Big Brother 19 Power Couple

Trevor Wadleigh and Chris Marchant

Age: 30 and 33
Hometown : New York, NY
Relationship: “Well Strung” String Quartet Musicians

Cedric Ceballos and Shawn Marion

Age: 48 and 39
Hometown : Chicago, IL
Relationship: Retired NBA Players

April Gould and Sarah Williams

Age: 39 and 39
Hometown : Gilbert, AZ and Mesa, AZ
Relationship: Friends/Goat Yoga Instructors

Henry Zhang and Evan Lynyak

Age: 22 and 22
Hometown : Los Angeles, CA
Relationship: Dating/Nationally Ranked Debaters

Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly

Age: 26 and 26
Hometown : Indianapolis, IN
Relationship: Friends/IndyCar Drivers

Dessie Mitcheson and Kayla Fitzgerald

Age: 27 and 26
Hometown : Apollo, PA and Clermont, FL
Relationship: Friends/Ring Girls and Instagram Models

Joey Chestnut and Tim Janus

Age: 33 and 41
Hometown : San Jose, CA and New York, NY
Relationship: Friends/Competitive Eaters

Kristi Leskinen and Jen Hudak

Age: 36 and 30
Hometown : Uniontown, PA/Scottsdale, AZ and Park City, UT
Relationship: Friends/Professional Skiers

Lucas Bocanegra and Brittany Austin

Age: 35 and 31
Hometown : Miami Springs, FL
Relationship: Dating/Lifeguards

Daniel and Eric Guiffreda

Age: 33 and 33
Hometown : Gonzales, LA and Ponchatoula, LA
Relationship: Twin Brothers/Firefighters