On last night’s finale of The Amazing Race, the network debuted a promo for the upcoming season. It’s another All-Stars edition. The CBS show first did one in Season 11 and then Season 18- the latter being dubbed Unfinished Business.

As a side note: While I was rooting for the Afghanimals, I was fine with a Jason & Amy Season 23 win. They had great attitudes, played a clean race and always helped out their alliance members. Had it not been for Amy, Travis and Nicole never would’ve made the Top 3. Girlfriend helped out Nicole big time (TWICE).

While I enjoy seeing returning favorites, I have a problem with teams coming back for a third time. Producers need to spread the wealth. I scoured online and uncovered the teams coming back. I also discovered several teams that were considered but never made the cut. If you love elimination spoilers, there’s also info about the first few below.

The Amazing Race Season 24 All-Star Teams

Margie & Luke

Relationship: Mother & Son
Season: 14 & 18
Placing: 3rd & 8th


Flight Time & Big Easy

Relationship: Harlem Globetrotters
Season: 15 & 18
Placing: 4th & 2nd


Jet & Cord

Relationship: Cowboys/Brothers
Season: 16 & 18
Placing: 2nd & 6th


Brendon & Rachel

Relationship: Big Brother Alums/Married
Season: 20
Placing: 3rd


Natalie & Nadiya

Relationship: Twin Sisters
Season: 21
Placing: 4th


Caroline & Jennifer

Relationship: Country Singers
Season: 22
Placing: 4th


Joey & Meghan

Relationship: YouTube Personalities
Season: 22
Placing: 5th


Dave & Connor

Relationship: Father & Son
Season: 22
Placing: 8th (Withdrew due to injury)


Jessica & John

Relationship: Dating
Season: 22
Placing: 9th


Leo & Jamal

Relationship: Cousins
Season: 23
Placing: 4th


Mark & Mallory

Relationship: Hybrid Team
Season: Mark (20) Mallory (17 & 18)
Placing: Mark (5th) Mallory (6th & 3rd)


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My Thoughts On The Cast

As mentioned before, I’m not a fan of seeing teams race a third time. The only three-peats, I’m remotely excited for are the cowboys, Jet and Cord. Seeing Margie & Luke and the Harlem Globetrotters again have me gagging. They weren’t that great to warrant a third invite.

The teams I’m glad made the cut include the Twinnies, Leo & Jamal, Brendon & Rachel aka Brenchel, the YouTubers and David & Connor. The latter definitely deserve another shot after withdrawing due to an injury. They came in first on two legs even on crutches. Can you imagine what they could do if healthy?

In case you’re wondering about the hybrid team. I read that Bopper (Mark’s original partner) couldn’t go due to his daughter’s health so they paired Mark up with Mallory. Should be an interesting combo.


Rumored Alternates

Dare I say that this group of rumored teams is better than the actual Season 24 cast. Brooke and Claire (top right) reportedly declined CBS’ offer. They were also considered for Unfinished Business but couldn’t race due to one of them being pregnant. If you recall, Claire got majorly pelted by a watermelon during one of the tasks. One of the most memorable moments ever on TAR.

While I’m not a fan of Tim & Marie, I’m bummed they’re not part of the cast. Marie, as polarizing as she is, is great television. Apparently, they also declined the show. I’m curious to know why? If anyone needed a shot at an image makeover, it’s definitely Marie.

If I had a say in casting, I would’ve swapped out the Globetrotters, Margie & Luke, Jessica & John and replaced them with the Chippendales, Tim & Marie and Brooke & Claire. Season 19’s Snowboarders Andy and Tommy should’ve also made the list. I can’t believe no one from their season was included.

Early Eliminations & Final 5

Simply highlight the following paragraph to read the spoilers.

Early boots include the hybrid team, Margie & Luke, Caroline & Jennifer, John & Jessica and the Twinnies. Photo evidence suggests the latter were the first eliminated. BOO. From there the information gets a bit iffy, but spottings seem to indicate that Jet & Cord, Leo and Jamal and Brenchel make the Final 5. Do any of the spoilers surprise you?

What do you think of the All-Stars? Who doesn’t deserve another shot at the million dollars? Which teams are you rooting for? What are your thoughts on the rumored alternates? Sound off below.