The Amazing Race Season 24 Spoilers: Meet The All-Stars


On last night’s finale of The Amazing Race, the network debuted a promo for the upcoming season. It’s another All-Stars edition. The CBS show first did one in Season 11 and then Season 18- the latter being dubbed Unfinished Business.

As a side note: While I was rooting for the Afghanimals, I was fine with a Jason & Amy Season 23 win. They had great attitudes, played a clean race and always helped out their alliance members. Had it not been for Amy, Travis and Nicole never would’ve made the Top 3. Girlfriend helped out Nicole big time (TWICE).

While I enjoy seeing returning favorites, I have a problem with teams coming back for a third time. Producers need to spread the wealth. I scoured online and uncovered the teams coming back. I also discovered several teams that were considered but never made the cut. If you love elimination spoilers, there’s also info about the first few below.

The Amazing Race Season 24 All-Star Teams

Margie & Luke

Relationship: Mother & Son
Season: 14 & 18
Placing: 3rd & 8th


Flight Time & Big Easy

Relationship: Harlem Globetrotters
Season: 15 & 18
Placing: 4th & 2nd


Jet & Cord

Relationship: Cowboys/Brothers
Season: 16 & 18
Placing: 2nd & 6th


Brendon & Rachel

Relationship: Big Brother Alums/Married
Season: 20
Placing: 3rd


Natalie & Nadiya

Relationship: Twin Sisters
Season: 21
Placing: 4th


Caroline & Jennifer

Relationship: Country Singers
Season: 22
Placing: 4th


Joey & Meghan

Relationship: YouTube Personalities
Season: 22
Placing: 5th


Dave & Connor

Relationship: Father & Son
Season: 22
Placing: 8th (Withdrew due to injury)


Jessica & John

Relationship: Dating
Season: 22
Placing: 9th


Leo & Jamal

Relationship: Cousins
Season: 23
Placing: 4th


Mark & Mallory

Relationship: Hybrid Team
Season: Mark (20) Mallory (17 & 18)
Placing: Mark (5th) Mallory (6th & 3rd)


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My Thoughts On The Cast

As mentioned before, I’m not a fan of seeing teams race a third time. The only three-peats, I’m remotely excited for are the cowboys, Jet and Cord. Seeing Margie & Luke and the Harlem Globetrotters again have me gagging. They weren’t that great to warrant a third invite.

The teams I’m glad made the cut include the Twinnies, Leo & Jamal, Brendon & Rachel aka Brenchel, the YouTubers and David & Connor. The latter definitely deserve another shot after withdrawing due to an injury. They came in first on two legs even on crutches. Can you imagine what they could do if healthy?

In case you’re wondering about the hybrid team. I read that Bopper (Mark’s original partner) couldn’t go due to his daughter’s health so they paired Mark up with Mallory. Should be an interesting combo.


Rumored Alternates

Dare I say that this group of rumored teams is better than the actual Season 24 cast. Brooke and Claire (top right) reportedly declined CBS’ offer. They were also considered for Unfinished Business but couldn’t race due to one of them being pregnant. If you recall, Claire got majorly pelted by a watermelon during one of the tasks. One of the most memorable moments ever on TAR.

While I’m not a fan of Tim & Marie, I’m bummed they’re not part of the cast. Marie, as polarizing as she is, is great television. Apparently, they also declined the show. I’m curious to know why? If anyone needed a shot at an image makeover, it’s definitely Marie.

If I had a say in casting, I would’ve swapped out the Globetrotters, Margie & Luke, Jessica & John and replaced them with the Chippendales, Tim & Marie and Brooke & Claire. Season 19’s Snowboarders Andy and Tommy should’ve also made the list. I can’t believe no one from their season was included.

Early Eliminations & Final 5

Simply highlight the following paragraph to read the spoilers.

Early boots include the hybrid team, Margie & Luke, Caroline & Jennifer, John & Jessica and the Twinnies. Photo evidence suggests the latter were the first eliminated. BOO. From there the information gets a bit iffy, but spottings seem to indicate that Jet & Cord, Leo and Jamal and Brenchel make the Final 5. Do any of the spoilers surprise you?

What do you think of the All-Stars? Who doesn’t deserve another shot at the million dollars? Which teams are you rooting for? What are your thoughts on the rumored alternates? Sound off below.

  • Jaqq

    OMG JOEY!!!
    And I agree with you on the three-season contestants, it’s unfair & boring.

  • Glenn Gore

    Brendan and Rachel are “reality TV professionals”, have been on umpteen dozen versions of Big Brother and now Amazing Race. They need to move on. In the end, reality shows seem to have reached the end of their runs, and are not able to find fun, likeable, and most of all, NEW people to be on their respective shows. If that totally unlikeable pink-haired BITCH had won Race last night, I would never watch the show again. She’s just not a pleasant person and someone I would ever want to know.

  • Brendan Moore

    Ugh. Was so glad to see Leo and Jamal lose and now they are coming back for another season. Not a fan of them and their obnoxious attitudes. I’m wondering if they will hit it off with the Twinnies (who were also kinda loud and annoying) or will they comically clash and both think the other team is the loud one.

    A good mix of teams, should be interesting and I actually don’t mind seeing the threepeat teams back because they have a history and it’s always nice to see old grudges come back.

  • 604brian

    Who is voting for the homophobic cowboys as their favorite racers??
    On their original season Jet called Jordan a F**, and made disparaging remarks against Carol and Brandy the female lesbian duo on the race.

    Amazing Race has always been a leader in representing gay personalities on TV. And for that my favorite show since it’s inception. And I extremely disappointed that the cowboys are back for a 3rd season, they are hateful people.Watch the seasons they race, the other racers do not associate with them like the other racers, as they are not the friendly gosh/shucks innocent boys that they are being portrayed to be.
    HORRID cast, except for Natalia/Nadiya, Connor and Brett (deserve a second go), but so so many other teams that deserved all-star status. The alternates would have been 10 times better.

  • cora blue

    NOT Marie as an alternate! She doesn’t need an image makeover, she needs a spiritual makeover: learning of love, compassion, kindness, and the meaning of lifting another and not disrespecting others so consistently. All of her is about negativity, selfishness, ego, and fear. Her behavior is a direct reflection of how she sees herself and what she believes of herself to be true. You cannot transmit something you do not have. She lacks spiritual integrity. Meditation and deep immersion into the laws of Karma would do wonders for her higher self. She lives from her lower self, as evident in her race (non)ethics. SO glad to have Dave and his son back, and I agree that the snowboarders should be included, HANDS DOWN!

  • racefan

    I would love to see Dave and Conner come back. It was such a shame that they had to withdraw due to injury. I feel like the McCoy Cowboys got messed over and should have another shot at the money also. They tried to run a fair race both times!

  • cora blue

    Fully agree. Rachel. Ugh. No. More. Rachel. PLEASE. It’s always the same whining tone, ego, and painful to watch. She is not a ratings sensation, just an unpleasant personality.

  • amazingracelover

    The Twinies, noooo! They were so annoying! Conner and Dave deserve a second chance?

  • Jeffrey Bohemier

    The best possible image makeover Marie can possibly do is to stay off the show. Maybe that despite CBS offering, Tim was refusing to give in to her new demands. Last time it was to be a 60/40 split favoring Marie. She claimed that she did all the paperwork. I looked at the application. I can’t imagine getting paid a cool 100 grand just to fill that out. Its not Rocket Science after all. She probably wanted all but about $40.00 this time. She was way too overbearing and argumentative. She’s exactly what her bio states she is, one that always has to be right, even when proven to be wrong. I had a wife like that. And like Tim, the operative word here is ‘HAD.’ I actually got to the point towards the end of my married life that I started to call her Mrs. Know It All. Because even when her head was so far up her butt that she had to open her mouth to fart, she still had the answer to everything (except her daughter’s fifth grade homework). We had talked about going onto the Amazing Race. Thankfully, better things prevailed such as a divorce and now I’m FREE!!! I like many of the new teams. I’m partial to the Afgans who’ve made the best of a bad situation and have been successful here in the United States. And while accused of wrong doings during the race by other teams, at least they didn’t stoop so low as to steal another team’s cab. I remember Dave and Conner too and was disappointed when the father injured his ankle. I wish them the best of luck. I’m glad to see them back and frankly, hope that they at least finish in the last three, along with the Afgans and Margie and Luke. I hope its a very clean race, as we don’t need another generation of kids growing up thinking that you have to cheat, steal, or lie in order to get ahead in life (Yeah Marie, I’m pointing a finger at your, but don’t fret any, after all, I saw one team member actually steal another’s airline ticket money during one season. That was the all time low point on this show and the thieves should of been disqualified and forced to find their own way home. Again, I’m hoping for a good clean race more than anything. All too often good men do nothing in order that bad men get ahead. Good luck racers. See you in February!!!

  • Jeffrey Bohemier

    Crappy people may make for good TV, but they make for bad leaders in the community as a whole. CBS, along with other networks, is responsible for what they portray on air. I think shows like this, which are watched by children (our future leaders) all over the world, should go out of their way to ensure that not only is a good clean race is run, but those that lie, cheat, and/or steal are given the boot right off the show, never to be given a second chance on any other Reality Show in the future.

  • Jeffrey Bohemier

    Your not the only one who would have stopped watching he show. I had previously stopped watching the show after a team member stole another team’s airline money, yet the thief was allowed to continue on. Such behavior should not be tolerated. Marie tried to play the other teams with the Pass they had won after the first leg and was making promises she never had any intention of keeping. Considering that the format of the race is such that all the teams catch up by the end of each race leg, what she did was totally uncalled for. If she could have gotten away with it, she probably would have used it herself. Sadly, she probably would have gotten away with it in the process. But other than that and her stealing a cab out from under another team, what was not to like. After all, she teated her ex with the utmost respect, never once raising her voice, making threats, etc…

  • lina santos

    i would love to see kent and vyxen in the all stars.. pls.. they are my favourite

  • Uzman Ali

    having Marie being in the amazing race with her bossy attitude and her dominant role actually made the amazing race much more interesting.

  • Christina Williams

    I actually preferred Jamal and Leo and the Twinnies and of course Tim and Marie (wished they were selected for S24) They made the amazing race feel alive rather than some previous seasons, The Twinnies were absolutely not annoying, maybe you would find all women annoying then :).

  • Mellie

    Agreed on the Kent and Vyxen. Glad to see the Twinnies and Afghanimals. I too wonder if they will clash bcuz usually ppl who are the same dont get along lol. Dave and Connor DEF deserve a second chance. Their entire season I was always wondering what if. They are so likeable, cant wait to watch them race again. Mark and Mallory will make for an interesting view. Cant wait til Feb!!!

  • Chris

    Any and tommy should’ve made the cut. They’re so overlooked and underrated. They’re one of the most dominant teams ever.

  • Myrtle

    Disliked the Afghanimals with that trilling noise they made!
    John didn’t use the express pass in dumbest move ever so why is he back?

  • Oterbie Yep

    I was so disappointed that Tim & Marie aren’t in the all stars season..Yes Marie was a Bi**h but at least she was interesting and funny ..This is not American Idol..I don’t care for her once the show is over..I only care about entertainment ….The afganimals and Tim & Marie were the only entertaining teams this season..The other teams were BORING especially Jason & Amy and the ER docs

  • Cory DeMello Lange


  • Jenny lavusiki

    What’s a hybrid team


    Who in the hell likes the Twinnies/Youtubers/Brendan and Rachel/Jessica and John?? Soooooo boring, zero personalities.
    I like all the teams are 3peating, but enough is enough. Should have had Chippendales/Bearded Hippies back. Weakest All Star cast ever!! BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • Go Country Singers CaroJen

    It was confrimed that final 3 is
    Dave / Connor win
    Caroline / Jennifer 2nd
    Brendon / Rachel 3rd

  • Jhonny Depp

    anyone remembers dustin and kandice from season 10? they should be in all stars!

  • Mind

    Too bad I wanna see Tim and Marie

  • Steve

    Gonna miss not having the Chippendales. Nice guys and they certainly don’t hurt the eyes.
    I can’t stand the Twinnies.

  • Thomas

    Why the fuck are you posting spoilers and ruining the suspense?

  • graeme

    right lets start with the 11 teams,
    maggie and luke, luke was good the mother was a lil overprotective, overall i think they were average replace them with the chip and dales.
    Harlem Globetrotters they are well liked and a very strong team i definately agree with that one.
    Jet and Cord definately they came across as good workers and def had the right attitude and apparently they are one of Phils Faviuorite so i think the hook ups came in.
    Brendan and Racheal: nah Racheal was too emotional and got way too flusterd at times replace them with the two snowboarders.
    THe Twinnies: Hell no they were idiots they thought so highly of themselves and also they stole other teams money replace them with those ex rock stars in the same season.
    the Country Singers: They were just average i think there are better teams that deserve it replace with Brooke and Claire.
    Johey and Meghan: i Agree with that those two work really well togother
    Dave and Conner: Absolutely they had bad luck and showed potential in the first stages.
    Jessica and John: they looked strong until they got overprotective of their express pass i would agree to give them another go.
    Leo and Jamal: definately i think they got picked on by the other racers in their episode over lil things.and they were a strong team that worked well together.
    Mark and Mallory: Very interesting combination hope they gel well together.

    One suprise why didnt the ex rock stars that were in the same season as the twinnies get a mention they were so good until they lost their passports in Russia.

    Just my opinions lol.

  • deanbos

    So disappointed that someone already posted the winner and final three. It ruins it for everyone.

  • Guest

    The you tubers and the twinnie sand Rachel and Brendan do have a personality

  • Angela Somerville

    Margie and Luke were painful too watch; he is a mummy’s boy. Wish they had not been chosen. Glad about Dave and Connor who richly deserve another chance!

  • lauren maui

    yes! I am rooting for dave and connor because connor is hot! like he’s a good nice guy with good looks and I cannot ask for more! Haha! and because they were one of the strongest teams in their season, but this season kinda bothers me for those who made in the show for the 3rd time. Because they were known as one of the best teams in their seasons and how they can surpass easily the challenges, maybe they already got some personal relationships to the people behind the show so they can get another “better” chance to win a million dollars against those 2nd timers. Just for example when rob won survivor, right? why don’t you handle them the million dollars already so there can be a lot more deserving people who can grab a second chance. It will make me sad if the 3rd time players will win this season. tim and marie would be a great comeback because they were interesting to watch, so marie’s way to approach tim can be their tactic against the teams to make them nuts over the challenge while marie and tim is laughing inside their heads. since people love DRAMA! then give it to them. Make the sequel of rachel and vanessa. so bring back vanessa and ralph.and bring back the rocking grandparents bill and cathi! because watching old people and still competing make me root for them till the end. they should make some better assessments before bringing back the people. the chippendales can be a good pick. and hail to the unforgettable team which I thought will make it to unfinshed business the watermelon no. 1 enemy “brooke and claire”. love them!

  • lauren maui

    Is it true? I am rooting for dave and connor in their original season. and after knowing this all stars casts I immediately wishing for them to win. but maybe your post isnt true. I know you are a fan of carol and jen based on your user name but they didnt do well in their season to win the game. and you’re saying that they landed the second place in all stars kinda suspicious.

  • cooke

    I like a lot of the teams but NO MORE WHINING RACHEL !!! I would like to watch the cowboys…but I can not handle Rachel…no more cbs !!!!

  • Lauren

    Dave and Connor were amazing last season. Glad to see them come back, if he is in great health imagine what he can do! They’re going to be a great addition. Also really happy to see the Youtubers back. For some reason I really enjoyed their presence on the Amazing Race and season 22. The boy has a great personality, he really brought life into the show. Can’t wait to see those to teams back for next season!

  • Alia

    Include the Chippendales?

  • Alia

    The Chippendales are probably like 50 years old now and could not participate in this kind of activity haha.
    Also, I think Joey & Meghan were 3rd eliminated.

  • Toon

    They were in 5th place in season 22 for sure! 🙂

  • Toon

    This is just the top three favorites of the viewers.