Canada is finally stepping up and making some of our favorite reality shows available to us in terms of actually being able to participate. Ever since the first season of Survivor, I’ve been dying to go on that show and several of the other popular reality competition shows that don’t require you to be able to sing or dance 😉

Having our own official Big Brother Canada premiering in February is pretty big for Canadian television and now rumor has it that The Amazing Race Canada will also be coming in 2013! A site called PopGoesTheNews is claiming that according to sources, CTV will be announcing their own edition of the show after the next episode of the US version airs tomorrow on Sunday, December 2. The annoucement is believed to be made by a taped message from the Emmy-winning host himself, Phil Keoghan.

In a 2008 interview, Keoghan said, “There are bigger fans of The Amazing Race in Canada than any other country,” Keoghan said in a 2008 interview. “They love the show with a passion that is truly extraordinary.” I’m not surprised. It is a great show and I’ll definitely take a stab at applying if this all turns out to be true. I know Donovan (pictured above, right) will as well as he has been dying to audition for this show for ages! I guarantee he would be great TV to watch, having traveled with him myself – Haha.

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