Meet The Amazing Race 18 All-Star Cast

Don’t go any further if you don’t want the next season of “The Amazing Race” spoiled. According to several reports and sightings of TAR teams in Australia, Season 18 of “The Amazing Race” will be another All-Star edition. Personally, I love an all-star season on any reality show, but at first glance at the returning teams, I could only remember maybe a handful of them. It’s not a good sign for an ASS (all-star season) if you have to google who they are.

While the competing teams have been unofficially revealed, the theme hasn’t been yet. The reason why I think there might be a theme is the randomness behind the casting. Some of the teams were eliminated quite early and left little or no impression. Judging on how they were knocked off, I think the theme revolves around bad luck eliminations ie. penalties, u-turns etc… I guess we’ll have to tune in and find out if I’m right. And PS, do we really need five teams from Season 14 and none from Season 13? I guess 13 truly is an unlucky number.

“The Amazing Race” Season 18 will feature teams from Season 12 to 17. The eleventh season was the first all-star edition. The next season will not only be the second ASS, but it’ll also be the first filmed in high-definition. Most other reality shows have transitioned from standard-definition but the cost and fragility of high-def equipment has delayed the usage for the around-the-world competition.

Kynt and Vyxsin (Dating Goths)

Season & Placing: Season 12, 5th Place
Eliminated Where: Mumbai, India

Even though they were spared in a non-elimination leg and successfully completed the speed bump in the next episode, the duo were done in by a tactical error. Instead of choosing to U-Turn the team behind them, they chose to penalize a team already competing at one of the roadblocks. Silly, silly move. If you know one team is trailing you, knock them down further and don’t gamble on another team. What a waste of a U-Turn.

Ronald & Christina (Father & Daughter)

Season & Placing: Season 12, 2nd Place
Eliminated Where: Anchorage, United States

The father & daughter team made it all the way to the finals. Unfortunately for them, Christina struggled in the final challenge when she forgot that a human was also an animal. I guess that breaks down the stereotype of all Asian’s being book smart. PS Christina, dogs are also animals.

Jamie & Cara (Former NFL Cheerleaders)

Season & Placing: Season 14, 2nd Place
Eliminated Where: Maui, Hawaii

Out of all the all-female teams to compete on TAR, Jamie and Cara looked the most determined to become the first all-female team to win “The Amazing Race”. Too bad for them, a string of bad luck in the final leg prevented them from making history. First they struggled carrying a pig on the beach, then their cab got lost. When the cab finally figured out where to go, he had to stop for gas. Boo hoo.

Margie & Luke (Mother & Son)

Season & Placing: Season 14, 3rd Place
Eliminated Where: Maui, Hawaii

In the final episode, the mother and son team were leading the pack. They finished all the tasks first until the final roadblock. Luke struggled to arrange the surfboards in order. With the help of Jamie, he realized the last two boards were the culprits. Eventually they finished the race in 3rd. They’ll definitely be looking for redemption this go-round.

Kisha & Jen (Sisters)

Season & Placing: Season 14, 4th Place
Eliminated Where: Beijing, China

At first, these tall ladies didn’t seem like they would even make it past the earlier rounds. Eventually they got their act together and became contenders. Along with their rivalry with Margie & Luke which resulted in a pushing altercation, these two were notable for another reason. Whether or not, it actually played a factor in real-time, the editing of their ill-fated and ill-timed bathroom break prevented them from making the finals. Lesson learned. Will yourself to hold your bowel movements.

Mel & Mike (Father & Son)

Season & Placing: Season 14, 6th Place
Eliminated Where: Phuket, Thailand

Here’s another team that got done in by an incompetent cab driver. They started their final leg in 2nd place but fell behind when their cabbie didn’t know where the gorilla was. Umm, the zoo maybe?!?!? In the end, they caught up and were neck and neck with Kisha and Jen for last place, but their choice of 100 barrels proved fatal.

Amanda & Kris (Dating Couple)

Season & Placing: Season 14, 8th Place
Eliminated Where: Krasnoyarsk, Russia

You know the saying. When it rains, it pours. For these two, when it rained, it was a typhoon. They progressively improved as the race went on, but they never won a leg. Even with this, they were viewed as a threat and were victims of the dreaded U-Turn. They chose “Stack” as their Detour, but quit after their stack of wood collapsed near completion. Frustrated and spent, they switched tasks and did the other detour, but when they successfully completed that, they learned they had been blind U-Turned by Margie & Luke and had to go retry “Stack” again. The collapsing stack of wood proved to be symbolic and the two’s dream of winning collapsed along with it.

Flight Time & Big Easy (Harlem Globetrotters)

Season & Placing: Season 15, 4th Place
Eliminated Where: Prague, Czech Republic

The Harlem Globetrotters looked like they were heading to the finals, until they encountered a difficult roadblock. Unable to spell out FRANZ, the two elected to take a four-hour penalty, thereby essentially taking them out of the running. Hopefully they’ve brushed up on their foreign historical figures.

Zev & Justin (Best Friends)

Season & Placing: Season 15, 9th Place
Eliminated Where: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I was totally rooting for these guys during their season. They were focused on the game but took time out to enjoy their surroundings. During leg 2, Zev gave his jacket to a local citizen. Awww. Out of all the teams on Season 18’s second chance season, they had the worst luck during their initial season. They arrived first during the fourth leg, but when they checked in, they realized they had lost their passport. They tried to retrace their steps, but to no avail. No passport, no advance. Total heartbreaking elimination.

Jet & Cord (Cowboys)

Season & Placing: Season 16, 2nd Place
Eliminated Where: San Francisco, United States

After a bumpy start, these boys came into their own. They even set a few records along the way. On leg 8, they became the first team ever to win a leg after completing a speed bump. They also tied the record for most legs won by a team of brothers. Twins Derek and Drew did the same in Season 3. What did them in was queue jumping by eventual winners Dan & Jordan during the final leg. Even though Jet & Cord arrived at the airport first, Dan & Jordan placed their bags ahead of the cowboys and butted in line when the ticket agent opened. They were able to get their tickets first which gave them seats closer to the exit than the cowboys. That would prove vital since Jet and Cord were never able to catch up. Bad luck indeed. Personally, I would’ve bitch slapped those line jumpers.

Gary & Mallory (Father & Daughter)

Season & Placing: Season 17, 6th Place
Eliminated Where: Muscat, Oman

Fan favorites from the most recent season, Gary and Mallory won viewers over with their southern charm. Too bad for them, that charm didn’t translate into good cab karma. Like a few teams in TAR history, they fell victim to the inept cab driver who claimed they knew where they were going only to later admit he was lost. Total douche. I hope these two do well on Season 18. Love them.

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What did you think of the teams? Have any personal favorites? The one good thing about this cast, is that they’re all the original teams from their respective season. The first ASS featured one hybrid team which consisted of two previous contestants who were now dating. As fate would have it, Eric & Danielle actually won the whole thing. LOL. I’m sure that’s not what the producers wanted. Realistically one of the all-girl teams, Dustin & Kandice or Charla & Mirna should’ve won the first ASS. Actually Romber (Rob & Amber) should’ve claimed the title. They were robbed in their season due to another lame cab driver. Who do you think will win this season? Post your predictions below.

  • Karl

    Because Jaime/Cara and Margie/Luke are strong racers. I don’t find either team to be nasty, just competitive

  • Person

    No Team Jumba :(((

  • soukanya< from laos

    i like Jet and Cord very much, i wish they can win in this season, they are the best 🙂

  • Laura

    Margie is always going on & on about how mean people are towards her son. Both she & her son should give it a rest or simply tell people in their face that he should be getting special treatment because of his disability. They should take a lesson on how to be nice & watch Amazing Race Asia 2. Adrian Yap(1st place witn Collin Low) has a hearing disability but he didn’t make any excuses about it & won!They won fair & square.

  • Lisa

    Question for anyone who has an answer…
    Do you know how many weeks the Amazing Race is on for?
    Thank you!!

  • Kitty

    @ Laura
    I strongly agree with you. Luke is overprotected by Margie, and Margie keeps emphasizing on her son’s disability and everyone has to be nice to her son. I know we should pay more attention to disabilities, but we should not only focus on that and give special treatment because of that.

  • Ken

    Msg to Margie & Luke. Just join the paralympics.

  • Paramore’sNumba1

    I’m surprised. One of my favorite teams are Margie and Luke. I understand that Margie babies Luke, but give the poor guy a break! On the last episode, I cried when they got eliminated. Luke wasn’t giving up! In other words, I’m rooting for either The Globetrotters or Zev and Justin.

  • Emily Holley

    Just wanted to say that tonight, April 24,2011 is the last time I will be watching. The Cowboys were the ony team that did not cheat and everbody else was allowd to get away with he cheating.

  • Lucky bj

    The cowboys are honest players. They would of won season 16 if they complained of the guys who cut in front of them. Now on season 18 everyone ganged up on the brothers..cheater!!


    Mallory and her father do the great job..
    Mal, you are so beautiful..

  • Sam

    Kisha & Jen were the best! I’m glad they won 🙂