The Amazing Race 16: Contestant Spoilers & First Destination Revealed


Just as The Amazing Race Season 15 aired it’s penultimate episode last night, filming for TAR 16 began this weekend. Everyone’s favorite Big Brother 11 contestants, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, were spotted at LAX in typical Amazing Race attire. Rumors circulated last month that the two were being considered for the upcoming season. Judging by the picture (featured after the jump) taken by onlookers, this rumor is pretty much fact now.

Jordan and Jeff won everyone’s hearts this past summer and quickly became fan favorites. The American public even gave Jeff the “Coup d’Etat” and cast a “jury vote” for Jordan to win the grand prize. Though most speculated their flirtation was purely for strategic purposes and their showmance would end after the show, they have proven skeptics wrong. In October 2009, Jordan confirmed to People magazine that they are indeed a couple. During the piece, the interviewer asked if they had been intimate as of yet, Jordan chimed in saying “I think he’s waited long enough”. It’s this type of candor that endeared her to many BB watchers.


It’s pretty amazing that in this day and age of camera phones, twitter and Facebook, that spoilers can be spread to the masses in mere nanoseconds. According to reports, one of the teams at LAX requested to use someone’s laptop to research locations for their first destination- Santiago, Chile. Here’s a link to a series of Twitter postings detailing the sightings. Season 15 filmed in just 21 days, so if the same filming schedule is applied, this season should wrap up the weekend before Christmas. Looks like one team is getting $1,000,000 under it’s Christmas tree this year.

Here is a breakdown of the potential teams competing in The Amazing Race Season 16.

  • reality tv star alums- Jeff & Jordan (obviously)
  • two male cowboys in their 20s
  • two frat guys who looked like twins
  • two big guys named Mike & Louie
  • an older woman and 20-something brunette (grandmother/grandaughter combo perhaps)
  • a married African American couple
  • tall man and shorter blonde hair woman
  • two African American women
  • a middle aged couple
  • two Asians (father/daughter team)
  • two women who might be from the isle of Lesbos

Here’s a pic of possibly another TAR 16 team.


Since filming for Big Brother ended, the too-cute-for-words couple have parlayed their 15 minutes of fame to a guest acting gig on the sudser, The Bold and The Beautiful. With their stint on TAR 16, it looks like their fame will be extended well into 2010. Could they be the new Romber (Rob & Amber from Survivor)? Are you excited that they’re going to participate in next season’s Amazing Race? Or does it blow that they’ve taken a spot from two unknown reality TV star wannabes?

  • Lisa

    Yes, I am so excited!!! I love these two and I love that they are a couple! I hope they do great on Amazing Race.

  • Joanne

    Love it! It’ll be good to see how they work together!

  • Mila Cabayao

    Godspeed for the amazing race season 16! Happy new year from Panay Island, Visayas, Philippines, Asia. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.