The Amazing Race 15 Episode 9 Recap: “What Do They Plan On Doing? Punching Us? Pushing Us Over?”


As this episode beings, The Globetrotters get to leave for the next lag of the race first…at the unGodly time of 2:23am. They must make their way to a ferry that will take them across the Baltic Sea to Tallien, Estonia. The trip is 16 hours. Once they arrive at the ferry terminal, they realize that they are not leaving until 5:45pm in the afternoon. There is a lot of time to kill, so they decide to sleep in the car in the meantime. Looks like everyone is going to be departing at the same time, evening everything out. One by one the rest of the teams arriving only to find out the same information as The Globetrotters. They are all in the same boat so to speak. That being said, The Dad & Son are informed that they have the speed bump ahead, which will slow them down.

Once they arrive, they eagerly await for the ferry doors to open. They then dash to catch a cab so they can make their way to Mustapeade where they will find a house that can only be opened with one of the keys on their keychain. There they’ll find the Road Block. It is a secret society. Only one person does this task…they must join the ranks of the brotherhood to uncover a mystery, which will tell them their next clue. Once they figur out that they need to get a candelabra from one of the men, they will see that there is a number on it, which is the number to one of the rooms in the building. They must find room. Once there, they are given a blank scroll, and have to figure out that they have to hold it up to the candlelight to see what it written on it.

The first to arrive at the building are the Lovebirds, with the Gay Bros right after them… so they work together. The Jungle Fevers arrive next, but the other two teams closed the door before they arrived. They start on the challenge. The Globetrotters get in on it as well.

As the Dad & Son arrive, they see that they now face their speed bump. They have find a Saunabus and strip down for 5 minute sauna break. Wow, that’s not bad. Could be a lot worse.

For the Jungle Fevers, Ericka decides to do the mystery in the building. I didn’t think that it was a good idea. Ring a bell? That’s because she did terribly at the bell counting challenge in that church.

The Globetrotters get to their assigned room first, but can’t seem to figure out how to find the clue. Cheyne knew to hold it up to the light right away, as did Ericka. The message says Pik Herman Tower Garden. The Lovebirds are in first place, with the Jungle Fevers in a close 2nd.

The Gay Bros are next to figure it out, while the Grobetrotters finally get it.The Dad and Son are still in last. Matt did the challenge for their team, struggling with the first part which was getting the candelobra first, because he didn’t know what it was.

At Pik Herman Tower Garden, they find the clue for the Detour. The Detour is Serve or Sling. It’s either volleyball in mud against the locals or Sling, firing assorted veggies at a moose target to try to make a pile of cabbage fall down, to receive the next clue. Everyone chooses mud volleyball…The Lovebirds with some volleyball experience of their own.

The Gay Bros and The Globetrotters battle it out for a taxi, but end up taking the same taxi. There is some serious tension growing between these two teams. The Dad and Son waste tons of time running past the marker at Pik Herman Tower Garden. Finally, they find the marker and decide to do sling shot. Away they go in their taxi.

The Lovebirds get their first and commence their mud volleyball match. The locals are in bathing suits/speedos basically. They get to pick their opposing team members. The mud is DEEP! Once they get to 5 points, the challenge is complete. The Jungle Fevers, Gay Bros, and Globetrotters all arrive pretty much together and find themselves lost for quite some time running around trying to find their way to the challenge.

The Lovebirds make it to the pitstop for this lag of the race at the Keava Raba Overlook Tower, which was nearby. They are the first team to arrive and win a red cedar sauna of their own. They are kicking butt!

Finally, the other teams find the challenge (minus The Dad & Son) but only two teams can play volleyball at once. Therefore, The Jungle Fevers decide to do Sling. The Gay Boys comment on the fact that there were some hot Estonian guys in speedos. Interestingly enough, the Gay Bros crotches were blurred out as they played for some reason. Perhaps the dampness of the mud would make the viewers able to see the outline of their goods? I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Would you? Anyway. Both teams struggle, but The Globetrotters finish their game first. They start making their way to where they think the pitstop is, but realize part way that they are going the wrong way. Meanwhile the gay boys have finished and realize The Globetrotters have gone the wrong way and start making a dash towards the pitstop. The Globetrotters are gaining on them and almost surpass them when Dan and one of the Globetrotters collide or elbow each other, taking them both down. The Gay Bros then push on, and make it to the pit stop for second place. The Globetrotters stand beside them in front of Phil, taking third place. Phil can sense tension and asks them about it. Basically, it’s on between these two teams and there it seems like they won’t even be faking nice to each other moving forward. It’s on. Sam says in confessional, “If they have this big vengeance they want to seek out on us. What do they plan on doing? Punching us? Pushing us over?”

The Jungle Fevers are the fourth team to arrive, followed by The Dad & Son in fifth. They are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the race. Gary says, “We just didn’t have our A-game today.” They didn’t know each other that well coming into the game, but it was an emotional ending for the two of them as they shared a pretty incredible experience together and their relationship has forever changed. Gary was overwhelmed with tears.

  • Adam A.

    I find it interesting that they were blurring out the Gay brothers’ crotches, one of them I may understand cause he was in his underwear, but the other one was still in his shorts….what gives????

  • kat

    i’m not sure why the blurring, but i’m sure Sam and dan and their family had a good laugh over it when they saw the show.

  • Dan

    I meet Sam last night at a gay bar here in Chicago. He seemed cool and down to earth. One of his friends asked me if I watched the show and if I knew who he was. I said yes and we just exchanged hi’s. I asked who won just like everyone on earth probably does and he said you have to wait and see. I would of asked him to dance it up but I was a bit drunk and that was it. He looks good in person!!