The Amazing Race 15 Episode 11 Recap: “Starts With ‘F,’ That’s All I’m Saying”


Alright, it’s getting close. After this episode, the final 3 will battle it out for the $1 million in the season finale of the Amazing Race 15 next week. One of these teams will not make it to that final lag of the race:

Dan & Sam: The Gay Bros.
Ericka & Brian: The Jungle Fevers
Herbert & Nathaniel: The Globetrotters
Meghan & Cheyne: The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds get to leave first at 9:46am, en route to the 11th Pit Stop (which will still be in Prague), followed by The Gay Bros, The Globetrotters, and lastly The Jungle Fevers. They taxi across town to the Spanish Synagogue for their next clue. Once there, they get a clue to go to the Ecotechnicke. This Kafka-esque Roadblock is pretty neat. There’s a room with what seems like one hundred ringing old fashioned phones, but only 5 have a person on the other end of the line. The person will give them a letter. There are 5 letters, and once they get them they must head to the supervisor’s office, fill out a form, and unscramble the 5 letters to make a specific word. Meghan chooses to do this one for The Lovebirds and in order to remember the letters as she gets them, she names an animal to go along with it and says it aloud. “R as in Rabbit. Z as in Zebra. F as in Ferret N as in…..A as in……” The word is FRANZ, and after a few mistakes, Meghan gets it right and must now head to Krycentrum with Cheyne for their next clue.

Sam is worried that Dan is going to get flustered doing this challenge because he’s a spazzy kinda guy. I don’t blame him. Dan gets all the letters, but gets it wrong on the form.

The Lovebirds get to cryotherapy where they have to strip down, next to nothing, and go into a room where they must endure a temperature 180 degrees below zero for two minutes. They do so, and survivie.

The Jungle Fevers now encounter their Speed Bump, for being last in a non-elimination lag last episode. They have to visit to M1 Lounge pub where they must learn how to serve a complicated Absinthe drink. 3 step process. They drink the shot and continue on their way.

Back to the scrambled letters, Dan keeps getting it wrong, saying the supervisors are the biggest douches ever when they cold-heartedly stamp his forms with big red exes everytime his guess is wrong. The Globetrotters catch up and Dan and Big Easy decide to help each other out on this challenge.

The Lovebirds are on their way to Charles Bridge, which links the old and the new city, where they will find the next clue.

Dan Finally figures out the word, but in the spirit of The Gay Bros reputation to screw over the other teams, he doesn’t tell Big East. “Starts with F that’s all I’m saying,” Dan says. Big Easy is choked.

The Jungle Fevers make up for lost time and Brian moves onto the phone challenge on behalf of their team.

The Love Birds get to bridge where they find the options for the Detour. Legend or Lager. For legend, they must cover a wooden gollum with clay, and transport it to the old new synagogue. If the Rabi is satisfied with their work, they get their next clue. For Lager, they have to deliver 30 beer to soccer fans by walking through the town square and deliver the beer to the patrons of a specific bar- The Lovebirds choose Legend.

The Gay Bros strip down for cryotherapy, and of course look hot in doing so. They complete it. Nothing more to say there.

Brian finishes getting the letters and catches up to Big Easy, who has been there for 2.5 hours trying to unscramble the 5 letters. Brian starts brainstorming letters, rather than doing one guess per form. Smart.

The Lovebirds are putting clay on the gollum while The Gay Bros are on their way to Charles Bridge.

Brian finally gets the correct word, leaving Big Easy (who tried to sneak a peak) behind. Big Easy ends up bailing on the challenge, and instead taking the penalty which is 4 HOURS!! And, he has talked himself into thinking it’s a good idea. Wow.

The Lovebirds finish up claying the gollum and are now wheeling the 250-300 pound statue to synagogue…which is quite far away.

The Gay Bros choose the Legend Detour too, while The Jungle Fevers head to the cryotherapy. “My ankles are frozen,” says Ericka, as they enter the room. Contrary to how The Lovebirds did it, The Gay Bros apply the clay to the statue with it standing up and the statue ends up falling over and the arm broke. Luckily it can be fixed with clay. Cheyne and Meghan may be ahead, but they are not stressing out any less. Cheyne is freaking out about the weight of the statue and how hard it is physically, while Meghan tried to get him to keep his cool.

The Jungle Fevers decide to do the Lager challenge, while The Lovebirds get to the Strelecky Ostrov, a small island next to the Charles Bridge…the Pitstop for this lag of the race. They are now for sure in the Final 3, and they both win a 52″ LCD TV.

Meanhwile, Dan is so annoying! He’s continuously yelling and totally stressing Sam out.

The Jungle Fevers get to pub and the fans are following them and being loud and rowdy. As they make it to their destination, Brian spilled a little but then Ericka just dropped her whole tray and wanted to bail on this detour to do Legend instead, but Brian convinces her otherwise. She should just drink a beer and chill out. The have 7 beers delivered, and 23 more to get.

Sidenote: Can you imagine Dan and Ericka on a team?? Nightmare. She wants to do the other challenge now.

As some chick tries to take one of the beers off her tray, Ericka says, “She is about to get her ass beat.” Someone else says, “Wow, that’s some American Attiude, to which she responds, “I do have some American attitude, touch me and you get punched.” American attitude from Miss America. How fitting.

They eventually get to bar and now have 11 more beers to get. The Gay Bros finally get their gollum to the Rabi, who approves their work. On their taxi ride to the Pit Stop, Dan admits to being a baby during the challenge. They are team number two, and also confirmed in the final 3 for the final lag of the race.

Wow. It’s now morning time and the four hour penalty just ended for The Globetrotters. Brian and Ericka are also STILL doing the beer thing, having stayed up all night. The manage to finish up and arrive as team number 3. They are ecstatic, expecting to have been the last team. When The Globetrotters arrive, they are eliminated, and we’re shown a black & white montage of their experience on the show. Flight Time says, “We didn’t win a million dollars., but the experience we had was priceless.”

Next week, the final lag brings them to Sin City…Las Vegas where they’ll gamble for $1 million dollars.

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