The Amazing Race 15 Episode 10 Recap: “I Shouldn’t Have To Look Under Every Chair To Find This…This Is Redonkulous”


We’re down to the final four teams now:

Dan & Sam: The Gay Bros.
Ericka & Brian: The Jungle Fevers
Herbert & Nathaniel: The Globetrotters
Meghan & Cheyne: The Lovebirds

As this episode begins, the teams are off to the 10th pitstop. They leave Tallinn, Estonia and The Lovebirds get to leave first, heading for Prague, Czech Republic. There they must make their way to an old down town square and find a Vintage Praga for the next clue. The Gay Bros get to leave next, mentioning that the Globetrotters are their main competition, considering the heated tension between the two teams from last episode. The Globetrotters leave third, while The Jungle Fevers leave fourth.

The first flight leaves at 5:20am, with the ticket office opening at 4:00am. Turns out all teams make it on the flight. All teams grab taxis, except for The Jungle Fevers that decide to take the shuttlebus because someone had told Brian it was the fast way. Sounds like a bad idea to me.

The Lovebirds arrive first, followed closely by the Gay Bros. They must now make their way to Kayaky Troja for a for the Detour. Once The Globetrotters find the vintage car, all teams are en route to the detour except The Jungle Fevers that are on the shuttlebus in the middle of a tunnel in traffic. That would make me go insane!

The Gay Bros and The Lovebirds arrive at the Detour at the same time. It’s a choice between Fast & Furious or Slow & Steady. Fast & Furious is a manmade whitewater rafting course – for professionals. Teams must get to a flag without flipping in order to move on. If they flip over, they must repeat until they get it. Looks hard. Slow & Steady is where the teams must pull themselves along an aerial course, which will require considerable upper body strength. The Gay Bros choose rafting and The Lovebirds do Slow & Steady, as do The Globetrotters.

Meanwhile the Jungle Fevers finally arrive to the square, not knowing to look for the vintage car at first, but finally get it.

The Gay Bros flip in their kayak, and are totally not getting along and working as a team again. This is their biggest weakness. The Love Birds are struggling as they reach the half way mark on the aerial course, but as the name states, it’s slow & steady. Even the athletic Globetrotters are having trouble – particularly Big Easy since he’s so heavy. The Gay Bros go on the their second attempt only to flip again. They keep yelling at each other and it quite obviously doesn’t help. The Lovebirds finish, followed by The Globetrotters. The Gay Bros flip again and decide to switch to the aerial course. The Jungle Fevers now arrive and decide to do the aerial course as well – good choice.

They must now find the Estates Theatre. The Globetrotters and Lovebirds decide to go together and find the tram. The Lovebirds end up ditching them and taking a cab over the tram. Meghan isn’t happy that Cheyne insisted to just ditch them. “They’re gonna be on a mission to mess with you,” says Meghan. Cheyne is doing anything to get ahead. I don’t disagree with him at this stage in the game. Kill or be killed.

At the Opera House, one person from each team must search the theater’s 600 seats for a minature mandolin and bring it on stage to the opera singer to receive their next clue. Cheyne decides to do it.

Back at the aerial challenge, Ericka is not surprisingly having a really hard time. The Gay Bros finish and attempt to take the Jungle Fever’s cab. They are yelling at their cab to not drive away with them, but the Gay Bros end up taking the cab. Ericka is pissed and now fueled by revenge so she keeps pulling up harder and surprisingly makes it through the course. I thought for sure she was going to give up and they’d be done for. “We’re not working with anybody ever anymore,” says Ericka, reflecting upon their stolen cab.

The Gay Bros arrive to the opera house, while the bitter Jungle Fevers are on their way. Cheyne found one of the minis and they are the first ones to do so. The Lovebirds are out. The Globetrotters are happy so they don’t have to hear Meghan constantly yelling Cheyne’s name. They now get to Prague Castle by taxi, which is the largest ancient castle in the world and the pitstop for this lag in the race.

Dan finds one next. The Jungle Fevers arrive just as they pack up to leave, and The Gay Bros and Jungle Fevers avoided eye contact and didn’t say one word to each other. Only Big Easy and Ericka left searching.

As the Lovebirds arrive to the pitstop, they are team one and win a trip to Hawaii. Big Easy finds one next and is now en route to the castle as well. Meanwhile, Ericka says to herself, “I shouldn’t have to look under every chair to find this…this is redonkulous.”

Sam & Dan are team number 2 at the pitstop and The Globetrotters arrive right after as team number 3. Ericka eventually gets one and they are the last team to arrive to pitstop. Lucky for them, it is a non elimination lag and they are still in the race, facing a speed bump in next lag of the race. I don’t think they’ll make it past the next episode.

I’m routing for Meghan & Cheyne to win. They play hard and they play to win. The Gay Bros I like, but their bickering is going to be the end of them in this game if they don’t suck it up and work as a team. The Globetrotters are pretty motivated right now and certainly not thrilled with The Gay Bros or The Lovebirds. They are definitely a team that shall seek some vengeance.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it ‘leg’ of the race??