Jackson And Spielberg Tackle The Adventures Of TinTin

As a kid, I loved watching the Belgian reporter, TinTin tackle mysteries all over the globe. Some of my favorites were The Crab With The Golden Claws, The Seven Crystal Balls and Cigars of the Pharaoh. What I found out via Empire Magazine not only shocked but excited me. The genius minds of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are collaborating to recreate one of TinTin’s biggest adventures to be released in fall, 2011.

The two are working together to produce The Adventures of TinTin: The Secret of the Unicorn. This was also one of my favorite TinTin adventures so I can see what these two decided to work on this one. With both Jackson and Spielberg known for their big budget blockbuster hits, this film is sure to be no exception. Think the adventure of Lord of the Rings from Peter and the animation of Avatar from Steven and you’ll have this movie.

What’s really cool about this film is that Steven Spielberg shot his portion of the film in 32 days (back in March of 2009). Peter Jackson was present for only the first week of shooting. For the rest, he supervised via a specially created iChat videoconferencing unit. Star Simon Pegg said that sometimes, Peter’s voice would ring out through the room like the voice of God. Simon plays Inspector Thompson while Nick Frost plays the other Thomson. Jamie Bell known from such films as Billy Elliot, Flags Of Our Fathers and Jumper will play the role of TinTin.

Some other big names making appearances in the film are Daniel Craig and Andy Serkis. Filming this movie and then seeing the end product would be such a shock considering you are hooked up to all these apparatuses that capture every movement on your face for emotion for the animation and then you see yourself as a moving cartoon on the big screen. Unreal. With the success of TinTin worldwide pre-film, its sure to say that this film will rule the box office next fall. Check out some already produced photos from the film and a behind the scenes photo from the filming of the flick.

TinTin and Captain Haddock find themselves stranded at sea.

Captain Haddock played by Andy Serkis.

Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis during filming of a TinTin and Haddock scene.

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson check out their motion capture units.

Will you check out The Adventures of TinTin next year? Its set to hit theatres on my birthday, October 26th, 2011. For more details on the creation of the film and even more photos, pick up the December issue of Empire Magazine, in stores now.

  • When I first heard this was in development I was so excited. I loved TIN TIN growing up.