The official title for “The A-List: New York’s” second episode is “Hanging with the Big Boys“, but I thought Derek’s soundbite was more appropriate. And by appropriate, I mean funnier. Last week’s premiere, we met the housewives with balls for the first time and with the introductions now out of the way, it’s time to bring on the good stuff. You know, the big gay drama, the cattiness, frivolous ridiculousness. and of course the fabulosity.

This week’s episode revolved mostly around Ryan’s 30th cocktail birthday party. As Ryan was planning for the big night with his sidekick TJ, the other A-listers were busy dealing with their own dramz. We received more insight into Reichen and Rodiney’s relationship and their “interesting” post-workout ritual. Once again, Reichen’s penis was a major catalyst for conversation this episode and lead to the season’s first bitch catfight. The only thing that sucked about the episode was NOT ENOUGH Mike Ruiz. We I want more of the hunky photographer.

Here’s what the the boys were up to this week:


Someone’s turning 30… Yeah, I was shocked too. For this milestone birthday, Ryan and his assistant T.J. (whom I loving more and more by the minute) wanted to throw a classy cocktail party at Ryan’s fabulous apartment. Of course, nothing says classy more than hunky shirtless bartenders. The boys even held a casting call slash impromptu strip show to pick the perfect hooker to serve drinks. Loved how TJ posed with the prospective hires and told them all to take off their shirts.

For his big night, Ryan speed dials his own private designer Edwin to whip up something spectacular for his partay. Girlfriend doesn’t like to buy off the rack. He’s not a complete diva though. In lieu of gifts, Ryan asked his guests to donate money to the Ali Forney Center which helps homeless LGBT Youth in NYC. Good on him for paying it forward. We also get to meet Ryan’s cute dentist lash BOTOX supplier.


The happy couple go house hunting for their official apartment together and find a winner in Hell’s Kitchen. Since both of them make a living from having rock hard bodies, the two head off to boot camp. After their intense workout, Reichen reveals he has a sweaty armpit fetish. I don’t blame him. I’d sniff Rodiney’s pits any day of the week.

The rest of Reichen’s story this week was pretty blah. He meets up with Austin for dinner at Elmos, which was pretty uneventful. Later on, he breaks down and cries to his mom for feeling overwhelmed. Total momma’s boy. At Ryan’s birthday party, Reichen gets involved with the dramz. I’ll get to that later.

Meanwhile, Rodiney continues to take the next steps to break into the New York fashion scene. He meets up with Derek and asks for his help because Derek’s a prominent talent agent. Derek gives him advice and says he’ll help him out. The two meet up with Mike Ruiz for a photo shoot. Ruiz dirties Rodiney for a few hot greasy dark and brooding photographs. Earlier in the show, Derek told Rodiney he likes the way he pronounces “happy”. Personally, I love Rodiney’s accent when he says “dirty”. We also find out that Rodiney has only been with two guys and considers himself a bisexual.


Derek and his hag Katrina meet up with Austin at Almond Restaurant. The three gossip for a bit, until the waitress brings over a phone call for Derek. Austin is annoyed that Derek takes the call. After a few minutes, Austin attempts to hang up the call, but is immediately swatted away by both Derek and Katrina. Turns out the caller was the owner of the restaurant. Disgusted by Austin’s behavior, Derek ends the lunch and leaves.

Wanting to give Austin a second chance, Derek meets up with him for a little hot tub action. Derek immediately goes into bitch mode during his confessional and calls Austin fat. Saying his physique is a by-product of a lot of bagels and cream cheese. He eloquently states “there’s not a market for fat pasty models.” I don’t know about you, but I’d still hit it.

In the hot tub, they gossip about Rodiney’s bisexuality and once again, Austin makes a dig at Reichen’s penis size. For his lack of couth, Derek calls Austin a neanderthal during his confessional. This segues into Derek bitching out Austin for his rude behavior the previous day and says that’s strike one. Austin apologizes, but you can tell it’s not sincere. He couldn’t give two craps about Derek’s strikes and says he’s not applying to become his BFF.


Before arriving at Ryan’s party, Derek meets up with Reichen and Rodiney to narc out Austin’s ongoing penis cracks about Reichen. Rodiney couldn’t be any more bored with the convo and checks out and is tired of talking about Austin. Good for him.

Once the party was getting into full swing, Austin arrives and interrupts a group conversation. Having none of it, Derek immediately excuses himself. Love his reaction in the top left pic. Austin is clearly toasted and confesses he’s had a few at a bar across the street to loosen up. Reichen takes this opportunity to have a side bar with Austin.

The two go on the patio where Reichen confronts Austin about his disparaging comments about his pee-pee. Austin apologizes and claims it was taken out of context. Derek, who was watching this from inside, decides to step outside and help Reichen out. Love that T.J. also followed so he can eavesdrop. I love me a good gossip monger. Reichen leaves so he can make an early rehearsal for his play, leaving Derek and Austin to continue to hash it out. It’s clear these two are not going to get along. Let’s call this round one, with Derek clearly winning this encounter.


The celebrity photographer was pretty much not involved with any of the drama. He just sat there and took pictures and cut a cheque for the Ali Forney Center. Not even a shirtless shot of Ruiz this episode. BOO Logo, BOO. Hopefully next week, we see more of Mike.

Love the creeper licking his lips as the bartender takes off his shirt. Gotta love a horny bear.

Did you catch this week’s episode? It wasn’t as good as the premiere, but was still entertaining. Still loving Rodiney, while Derek went up a few notches in my book this week. What was your favorite moment this week?

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