Giddy up and saddle-up for a season of good ol’ fashioned southern hospitality mixed with a wagon full of drama. I’m talking about Logo’s newest reality show The A-List Dallas. Following the success of it’s predecessor, The A-List New York, these boys (and one gal) are ready to show us what gay life in the south is all about. They say everything is bigger in Texas and by the looks of this trailer, it’s definitely the hair, the personalities and the drama that’s bigger (and better than ever).

Meet Chase, Phillip, Levi, Beau, James and Ashley. They are ready to duke it out for us starting October 3rd and I can’t wait. Already, we see relationships gone arye, incredible coming out stories and ultimately, what it’s like to be gay in such a conservative part of the country. I have to be honest, I haven’t checked out any of the second season of A-List New York but I am very excited to check out Dallas has to offer. Check out the trailer below. Sorry to our friends outside of the US, the trailer won’t work for you. (Sad face.) I am on the hunt for a video that will viewable for all so stayed tuned!