Is it lame that I’m giddy bringing you this news? While many people quickly jumped on the haterade bandwagon when “The A-List: New York” was announced, I definitely wasn’t and couldn’t wait to see the first episode. As the season aired, those haters soon became closeted fans of the show. It’s that kind of turnaround and success that prompted Logo to greenlight another edition in a different city. The benefactor of that decision was Dallas.

The A-List: Dallas” won’t premiere til the fall but the cast was uncovered by Gawker the other day. I have to hand it to the producers for casting such an interesting group of people. Practically everyone is a multi-hyphenate when it comes to their occupation. One of them is even a former rodeo star SLASH fashion designer. LOVE IT. And GASP, there’s also a girl thrown in the mix.

The production has started and sources say these boys (and one girl) will stop at nothing to outdo the boys of the New York edition. Perhaps, they should watch DVDs of the 80s hit primetime soap, “Dallas“, to get some pointers. Maybe instead of “Who shot J.R.?“, the cliffhanger could be “Who spitroasted J.R.? LOL. After reading the bios, I can’t wait for this goat rodeo to start. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some hot cowboy sex. They grow everything bigger in Texas, right? Check out the cast below.

Chase Hutchinson

Occupation: Real Estate/Equity Investments
Age: 27
New York Equivalent: Austin & Derek’s lovechild

“Chase has it all: A great career in finance, an amazing home, good friends and he’s left a string of broken hearts behind him. Chase is highly motivated (he’s renovating his home himself), is a serial dater looking for Mr. Right, and is at the top of his game in the career department.”

Logo describes Chase as “having it all” and no one agrees more with that statement, than Chase himself. He describes himself as a “snobby pompous asshole” blogger. LOVE IT. I can already imagine all the eye rolls and snarky confessionals. Bring it on. After doing some research, I also found he’s a former conservative fundamentalist Christian turned big ‘ol homo. A former bible thumper who now loves to be “thumped”.

Phillip Willis

Occupation: Entrepreneur/Socialite
Age: 23
New York Equivalent: Ryan Nickulas & his husband’s future adopted grown-up son.

“Phillip is a Dallas native who knows the city (and everyone’s business) like the back of his hand. It’s a good idea to be on Phillip’s good side; if you’ve got skeletons in his closet–he knows about them. Phillip may be the life of the party, but in his personal life he’s a sensitive, caring guy who wants nothing more than to fall in love.”

So happy they included someone of color on the Dallas cast. Love it even more that he’s a socialite. Hell yeah. That being said, I read somewhere that he also works at the W Hotel in Dallas. I really need to find Phillip so we can be instant BFFs. Papa needs a discount at all the Starwood properties. Word has it, he loves “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Hopefully, he’ll bring some of the sass he’s seen on that show while filming on this one.

Levi Crocker

Occupation: Former Rodeo Star/Fashion Designer
Age: 26
New York Equivalent: A Texan Rodiney

“Levi made a name for himself as a rodeo star until he was sidelined by an injury. Now this Stetson-wearing stud helps run his family’s ranch and has teamed up with friends to launch a line of sexy, swimwear targeted at gay men.”

Out of all the hyphenates from the cast bios, Levi’s is my favorite. Rodeo star and swimwear fashion designer. LMFAO. Can’t get more polar opposite than that. Hopefully, during one of the episodes he’ll combine his two passions and sport a cowboy hat while wearing one of his speedos. Ride em cowboy. I foresee Levi being my crush on the show. You think he looks studly here, check out his mug shot for driving under the influence. Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan have nothing on him.

Beau Bumpas

Occupation: Photographer
Age: 31
New York Equivalent: Duh… Mike Ruiz

“Beau grew up in Dallas, dreaming of one day becoming a successful fashion photographer — and that’s exactly what he did. The self-proclaimed ‘king of social networking’ knows everyone (and everyone’s business) in town and has made himself a key figure in Dallas nightlife.”

Hopefully Dallas’ resident photographer gets involved in a bit more drama than his New York counterpart. I love Mike Ruiz, but he just seemed out of place on the NY edition. What is it with gay photographers? Are they all cute? Beau is best known for taking pictures of half naked men in their underwear. A man after my own heart.

Ashley Kelly

Occupation: Photographer/Model/Cheerleading Coach
Age: 25
New York Equivalent: I don’t think there is one. Maybe Austin or TJ if they had a sister?

“Hometown: Belton, TX – Like birds of a feather that flock together, the gays of Dallas flock to Ashley Kelly. This Dallas beauty has a big smile and miles of attitude. Ashley is caught between two vastly different worlds: The strict conservative world of her family and her other family – the A-List gays of Dallas.”

It’s interesting they added a female to the mix. Not just any ordinary female either, this one is photographing cheerleading coach who loves reciting Bible quotes. When you go to her website, you are greeted with “Commit your plans to the LORD, and they will succeed.” Interesting. That being said, she is still a gay magnet and the Dallas gays love to flock to her apparently. I can see why, she’s absolutely gorgeous. Sources say though, Ashley is caught in between two worlds- the strict conservative world of her family and the A-List gays of Dallas.  The drama of it all. I can’t wait to see it play out.

James Doyle

Occupation: Trust Fund Baby
Age: 22
New York Equivalent: Reichen

“Hometown: Lawton, TX – If there’s trouble in Dallas, you can bet James Doyle is nearby. James struggles with partying too much and he’s been in and out of relationships for years, but no matter how big his trust fund is, the one thing he can’t seem to attain is… love.”

If you ask James a question, he’ll tell. That’s my lame attempt at revealing he’s a military man. According to his Facebook profile, he works for the US Air Force. His profile pic also has him wearing dog tags. I’m surprised his Logo bio describes him as being such a hot mess, considering his military background. Not that I’m complaining. I can’t wait to see this rich trust fund baby get drunk off his ass. I hope he puts New York’s Austin’s drunken rants to shame.

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