Terra Nova may have just been canceled, but that’s not going to stop us from stepping into our own TV time machine and checking out “The 50 Best ‘Very Special’ Episodes” on television – courtesy of Jest Originals.

Remember those “edge of your seat (ish)” episodes where a family member gets caught shoplifting, a friend gets into drugs, or someone gets caught up in gambling causing the “ooohs” from the live studio audience (or audience track) to kick into high gear? I certainly do. Sidenote: That reminds me of that Family Guy episode where they show a commercial for such a TV soundtrack: “Ethnic Kiss… ‘Oooooooouuuuahhhhhhh!'” LOL.

Anyway, the hardworking people at Jest just put together a montage of 50 of the best “Very Special” moments to remind you of all of the lessons your favorite sitcoms taught you. As the description to the video reads, “Sitcoms bring us together with jokes and drawn-out romances, but don’t forget they can also awkwardly shoehorn in serious issues. [canned laughter]”