This post is so gay. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Someone within earshot the other day described the fact that her friend couldn’t come out and party with her that night as “that’s so gay.” I can’t STAND it when people say that. Seriously, ever since I was in high school I shudder when I hear those three words applied to describe everything from poor grades to the price of fuel.

I used to ignore it and think, well that sucks, one day they’ll learn and it’s not really my place to correct people or make them feel awkward. As you can imagine, that got old and I became more comfortable with who I was, and wanted to let people know that I wasn’t okay with that. So when some genius would think up some clever description for my favourite three word phrase sometimes I’ll react to it and tried to make it more of a joke so as to not fully go militant on them. Oh, you think that’s gay? Well the fact that your car’s tire is going flat is pretty f’ing hetero, buddy. It usually elicits a few nervous laughs “Oh, right…”, sometimes a red faced “Sorry, I forgot who I was speaking to.” People should realize how ridiculous it sounds to attach a random sexual identifier to anything that sucks. It is a kind of playful, non-aggressive way to respond that hopefully would cause people to think about it enough to change their habits. But mostly I just give them my ‘unimpressed’ look accompanied by a raised eyebrow that makes my face say: “Excuse me, did you just say that?” 

Granted, I don’t hear it today as much as I used to, thankfully. I credit the bombardment of everything gay (for better or for worse) in popular culture. But I would also like to give some credit to a few ads that I heard about a couple of months ago that address this very issue. I think they’re pretty clever, but check them out for yourselves if you haven’t already.  


Not only do they try to get people to stop using ‘gay’ as a synonym for anything that sucks, but they do it in a playful and humourous way. You’d kind of expect someone like Wanda Sykes, hilarious lesbian actress and comedian, to be featured in one of these campaigns, but I think it’s great that a superstar actress like (as far as we know) heterosexual Hilary Duff, who has a lot of admiration and respect amongst the youth of today, to contribute her celebrity to be a part of this. The ad campaign is called “Think Before You Speak” and is sponsored by the Ad Council of America and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). For more information about the campaign, check out their website