Can you imagine Victoria’s Secret doing something similar to this? It needs to happen!!! How hilarious would it be to find out after all these years that Adriana Lima was actually a Brazilian boy in drag? LOLOLOL!!!

Thai lingerie brand Wacoal Mood recently came up with a brilliant new campaign to show off their new Mood Boost-Up Bra’s miraculous booby powers. If it can give some flat-chested boy some serious cleavage, imagine what it can do with women who are D-cup-challenged. Props to the company for coming up with an LGBT inclusive ad. It’s clever to play on the country’s reputation for its lady boys.

It’s also remarkable how the star of the commercial makes for a pretty girl and in reality is a cute boy. RuPaul’s Drag Race, I think you have your first international contestant. Watch the commercial below.

Wacoal Mood Boost-Up Bra Commercial

Behind The Scenes [18+] ????????? Wacoal Mood Boost-Up