Listen To Tessanne Chin’s Coronation Song (Studio Version)


I have yet to see any winner from American Idol, The X Factor or The Voice sing their coronation song without getting choked up. To be honest, I’d much prefer for them to cry-sing like Kelly Clarkson did during “A Moment Like This” than to sing it perfectly. With that in mind, it’s not fair to judge the winner’s single until the studio version surfaces. Especially in last night’s case, when NBC cut off Tessanne Chin’s victory lap short.

Even though Ryan Tedder told Carson Daly he didn’t want to pen “the ‘standing-on-a-mountaintop, I’ve-won-everything’ kind of song,” he sorta did. “I wanted to do a real song about love and heartbreak,” he added. While not awful like American Idol’sNo Boundaries,” it’s no winner like Phillip Phillips’ epic winning single, “Home.”

Tumbling Down” falls in the middle of the pack among coronation songs. I was hoping Tessanne would have more of a reggae vibe to her track. Hopefully, The 28-year-old Jamaican-born singer’s debut album which becomes available March 25, 2014 has a couple island-tinged singles. In the meantime, check out the studio version of “Tumbling Down” below and be sure to give your two cents afterward.

Tessanne Chin ‘Tumbling Down’

  • Petrona Bailey

    This is for sure the next big hit……

  • Scott Caswell

    ryan has never done wrong in my eyes. bleeding in love was amazing. and every song ive ever heard from him. i think everyone needs to revisit dreaming out loud and remember what an amazing singer/songwriter he truly is. im sure the studio version will be wildly sucsesfull.

  • LittleDreamer

    I’ve never really liked a coronation song from any winner of any competition and this is no different. I’m really excited for her album though and am also hoping it has some reggae on it.