Anderson Cooper To Teresa Giudice: “You’re Not 12-Years-Old”

I’m not sure what it is but it’s like Anderson Cooper came out of the closet and with him came a whole lot of confidence, attitude and opinion. Lindsay Lohan was his first target by telling her to just “do her job.” Next in the line of fire? Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice who was a guest on Anderson Live yesterday.

Anderson along with co-star for the day, Kellie Pickler were asking Teresa about the heated reunion show in which Teresa had said to Caroline Manzo, “you’ve got three rolls of fat.” Teresa quickly went on the defensive in explaining herself saying, “I had four women attacking me. I did nothing to any of them.” But, Anderson decided to chime in by saying, “no matter who’s attacking you, you don’t need to say to somebody, ‘you’ve got three rolls of fat.'” Teresa quickly replied back by saying, “you know what she said to me?” to which Anderson responded “I don’t care. You’re not 12 years old.” AH-MAZING! Watch Anderson and Teresa throw down below.

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