The 10 Hottest Survivor Guys NOT To Make The Jury

Survivor: One World premiered last night and what better time to take a trip down memory lane. Since its debut in the summer of 2000, the Reality TV show has provided some juicy eye candy over the years. Given such a huge pool of sexy Survivor hunks to pick from, it proved very difficult to narrow the list down to the Ten Hottest Guys to play the game. So I decided to split the countdown into two lists– pre-jury and jury. Considering the way the game is played, I thought it was very à propos.

Today, I’m focusing on the unfortunate ones who weren’t able to outwit, outplay or outlast their way to the jury. In some instances, the poor guys were voted off the “island” first. It’s too bad the following didn’t last longer in the game. Am I alone in thinking that the male castaways get hotter as they get deeper in the competition? Something about them looking emaciated, scruffy and dirty is kinda of a turn on. Is that so wrong? So without further hesitation, I bring you the 10 Hottest Survivor Guys Pre-Jury to have the honor of getting snuffed by Jeff Probst. Click here to see the Hottest Guys To Make Jury.

10. Ryan Aiken

Season: Survivor Amazon (Season 6)
Place: 16th (Voted Off First)

I thought starting off the list with Ryan was kismet. During the first season of men vs women, he was the first casualty of the sex wars. It’s too bad, I thought he was the cutest of the guys this season. I’m sure if he lasted longer, I would’ve crushed on him hard. If you follow my weekly man crushes, you know I’m a sucker for dark curly hair. Check, check, check…

9. Clarence Black

Season: Survivor Africa (Season 3)
Place: 10th

Sure he was kinda douchey for eating more than his share of food, but just look at him. That body needs major sustenance to look that good. Just imagine how comfortable he would be to snuggle up against during those lonely nights on Kenya’s Shaba National Reserve. The wild animals wouldn’t be the only thing going primal.

8. Spencer Duhm

Season: Survivor Tocantins (Season 18)
Place: 12th

Awwww, isn’t he absolutely adorable? I thought he was the cutest thing during his season. At 19-years-old at the time, he’s one of the youngest guys to ever play the game. Too boot, he was also gay. Like a little lamb being led to the slaughter. Definitely one of the most attractive “sisters” to be on Survivor. Two snaps up.

7. Kel Gleason

Season: Survivor Australian Outback (Season 2)
Place: 15th

His battle with Jerri Manthey was epic. Sure it only lasted two episodes, but it was one of the defining moments of this season and probably of the entire franchise. Jerry accused him of smuggling in beef jerky into the Australian Outback. Though never proven, Kel was the victim of Jerri’s lies and voted out. If it were me, I’d let him smuggle beef jerky, only if he let me jerky his beef.

6. Dan Kay

Season: Survivor Gabon (Season 3)
Place: 11th

This hottie narrowly missed making the jury just by one tribal council. Boo!!! By day 21, he had lost some of his pudge and his beard was starting to fill out nicely. In other words, he was looking hot. Unfortunately, this lawyer wasn’t able to talk his way out of elimination. Definitely our loss.

5. Bobby Jon Drinkard

Season: Survivor Palau (Season 10)
Place: 10th

You’re probably thinking WTF is Bobby Jon doing here? Sure, he made the jury during Survivor Guatemala but personally he didn’t look as hot there. To me, Bobby Jon had it going on during his stint on Survivor Palau. He was all kinds of sexy strutting around in his underwear on the Palaun beach. Like Dan above, Bobby Jon just missed out making the jury on his first try. On his second, he just made it as the first jury member. How hilarious would’ve it been, had he placed at the same spot for two seasons in a row.

4. J.P. Calderon

Season: Survivor Cook Islands (Season 13)
Place: 17th

During his stint on Survivor’s controversial race season, JP wasn’t “out” yet. It wasn’t until he showed up on “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” that we found out he played for our team. Score one for us. I was lucky enough to meet JP in Los Angeles once when Alex and I bumped into him at a nightclub. Unfortunately, I was blitzed and probably made a fool of myself. I think I even challenged this professional volleyball player to a game during my drunken haze. Someone call AA stat.

3. Jeff Wilson

Season: Survivor Palau (Season 10)
Place: 16th

SMOKING HOT!!! Don’t you think? Survivor Palau may have been one of the more boring seasons, but it certainly had some of the hottest men cumulatively. As you can see, Jeff is one sexy fitness model. If he didn’t have the misfortune of getting injured, I’m sure he would’ve lasted much longer. Just think of all those weeks we missed out on his beefy hotness. So not fair.

2. John Kenney

Season: Survivor Vanautu (Season 9)
Place: 11th

Survivor Vanautu had so much potential. It had some really cute guys, but they all kept getting picked off one by one by Sarge and his crew of fuglies. In the end it was the fugliest of them all (Chris Daughtry) who ended up winning after the women self-imploded. During his season, he was noted as being a mechanical bull operator. I’d ride and operate his mechanical bull anytime he wanted *wink*. Since his season, he’s done pretty well for himself as a model and even graced the cover of Men’s Health. Sure, it was the German publication, but the cover nonetheless.

1. Silas Gaither

Season: Survivor Africa (Season 3)
Place: 12th

Let me preface this by saying, that John Kenney is probably the hottest person on this list, but I have a soft (hard) spot for Silas Gaither. This guy is totally my type and crushed on him since Season 3. He’s beefy, has dark curly hair, light eyes, and a sprinkling of freckles. Had it not been for Survivor’s first ever “twist”, he most likely would’ve made the merge and maybe won the whole thing. Unfortunately for him, he was the victim of the first tribal switch and voted off his new tribe. Since his Survivor days, he’s remained in the entertainment industry doing bit parts. He even popped up on the The 74th Annual Academy Awards as man candy for Whoopi Goldberg’s hallucination. He can pop up in my hallucination anytime he wants.

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You might be wondering who this dude is? He’s Jonathan Libby from Survivor Palau. I thought I’d add him to this post as a tongue in cheek selection. He’s cute and also didn’t make the merge. In actuality, Jonathan didn’t even get to play the game. In this season’s twist, two people were left standing after the schoolyard picking of teams, and forced to leave immediately. In essence, he landed on the beach only to be booted hours later. How cruel is that. Well, history has repeated itself and Jonathan just missed making it on my Survivor Hot list. Oh well.

  • Mark Bousquet

    I loved this list. I, too, was pretty big on Silas Gaither. I think it was that addictive smile of his. Jon Libby was pretty hot but he did himself in by not playing the social game that first day they were Palau.

    The Survivor hunk that I’ve always had something for but did make the jury, was Dave Johnson from Survivor Amazon. The two of us went to school together in upstate NY and I was friends with some of his frat brothers though we never met.

  • Rusty Redfield

    You missed Hunter Ellis, from Survivor Marquesas, who was voted off third. Handsome face, great body and a former US Ranger/pilot; he actually had leadership and survival skills and apparently struck fear in the hearts of his fellow teammates, who figured he would win if not sandbagged. He went on to host a couple of TV series.

  • Jeff Wilson! Worst early boot ever… i was SOO sad he didn’t last longer.

    The guys are always hotter pre jury… before they get emaciated.

  • j

    What happened to Kel Gleason? Didn’t he come back to Canada and try to make it in the entertainment industry? Guess it didn’t work out for him…

  • kodie

    Good List Dono… I think John Kenney is definitely one of my favorites Not just pre Merge.

    Blake Towsley from Guatemala and Robb zbacnik from Thailand would have been on my top 10 list though and even though he was a total D-bag Shannon from Nicaragua was pretty cute also!

  • fx

    For me the hottest guy on Surivor ever was Richard Hatch.. Sexy bear 🙂

  • Isabelle

    I dont watch this show but #2 holy moly I want some of that

  • Truth

    This list is amazing. Clarence, Bobby Jon, Kel, Dan Kay, Silas – great job!

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