Get A Sneak Peak At The ‘Temptation Island’ Reboot

Just last month, USA Network announced it was rebooting Temptation Island which originally aired on FOX back in the early 2000s. It didn’t have a very long run (three seasons), but it’s arguably one of the most iconic (and controversial) reality shows ever. Based on the first preview, the new iteration is as trashy (in a fun way) as the original.

Original host Mark L. Walberg returns to preside over the naughty shenanigans once again. Four couples will jet to Maui, Hawaii where they’ll test how strong their respective relationships are when they begin dating 24 eligible, and hot, men and women. Will these couples at a crossroads in their relationships decide to remain faithful or test the waters? My money is on the latter.

“Did we make the right decision coming here?” wonders one worried participant. “I have no idea.” Honey, if you have to ask, it’s safe to say you made the wrong choice 😉 Just a warning to any of the eligible singles who happen to break up a couple and snag the guy/girl for yourself. How you get them, is how you lose them.

From top left clockwise in the picture above, here are the couples:

  • Evan Smith (28) and Kaci Campbell (29)
  • Karl Collins (31) and Nicole Tutewohl (25)
  • John Thurmond (35) and Kady Cannon Krambeer (30)
  • Javen Butler (25) and Shari Ligons (25)

Temptation Island premieres on USA Network on Tuesday, January 15. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Temptation Island (2019) Trailer