Tegan & Sara Have A 90s Karaoke Party In ‘Closer’ Music Video

When I first heard this track, I was surprised that it was by Tegan & Sara. I don’t usually equate pop dance-friendly tracks to the Canadian indie rock act. Whatever prompted a shift in direction, I thoroughly approve. It doesn’t hurt having Greg Kurstin producing the track either. His masterful production has given us “Stronger” and “Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson and Kylie Minogue’s “Wow“.

Given the peppy mood of “Closer“, the twins wanted an equally celebratory vibe for their music video. They enlisted Isaac Rentz to direct the clip which shows the girls having a great time. Tegan & Sara decided to harken back to the 90s in hopes of capturing “some of the youthful naïveté” from their childhood. Accompanied by a group of friends, the twins sing karaoke to the break of dawn, host an indoor camping adventure and partake in other carefree tomfoolery. Check out the clip below.

Tegan & Sara ‘Closer’ Music Video

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