Watch The Teen Wolf Twins Work Out

Teen Wolf is one of those shows, on paper, that would be up my alley- werewolves and hot guys. For some reason though, I haven’t tuned in. Maybe this season is it. After all, producers have promised a gay hook-up on the upcoming one beginning in June.

We’re still a couple of months away before the third season premiere of Teen Wolf, but we get a sneak peak at two of the newbies joining the MTV supernatural show. The Carver Twins from Desperate Housewives fame join the cast as new Alpha Werewolves. Max and Charlie reveal in the video that once they got the gig, they immediately started to hit the gym to bulk up.

If you have a thing about watching twins work out, this clip is for you. Watch as their trainer whips them into shape. Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin also make an appear in the vid. Check it out below.

Working Out With Teen Wolf

Which twin is your favorite? LOL. Like I can tell the difference. Will you miss Colton Haynes on the show? Are you a fan of the MTV series? Sound off below.


    Interesting video. That trainer looks HUGE. With only 3 weeks to get them ready to shoot, I’m sure that the trainer worked them to the max, lol.

  • andrew

    Beautiful boys and they seem very personable.