Another Literal Video: Tears For Fears


I don’t know what is about music videos from the 80s that make them such easy targets for the literal treatment. Maybe it’s because most of the videos from this decade are completely out there. During the early days of MTV, many musicians were busy being experimental with new techniques and concocting ridiculous storylines so that they’d get heavy rotation on the video station. The latest victim that caught my eye was the “Head Over Heals” music video by Tears For Fears. It’s always funny to see a video many years later and see how it holds in today’s musical landscape. Though not one of their huge hits like “Shout” or “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, this song was a hit in it’s own right and was my favorite from the duo. Hope you enjoy the video. While watching the video, keep your eye out for the Full House reference- it had me in stitches.