Team GB Cover Attitude Magazine

For those of you who subscribe to Attitude magazine via your iPad or tablet, you received a very special treat last week. The UK gay mag enabled their subscribers to download their latest issue early with a moving cover featuring the five shirtless Olympic hotties flexing and posing with their medals before fading from black and white into the color cover you see below. Man, do these guys know their audience.

The cover features five of Team GB’s hottest. Front and center is Greg Rutherford who took home gold for Great Britain in long jump. On his far right (our far left) is Steve Lewis. This pole vaulter didn’t medal but placed fifth after hitting a 5.75 m height. Beside him is Robbie Grabarz who received a bronze medal in high jump in London. To Greg’s immediate left (our right) is gold medalist Luke Campbell. Luke topped the podium in boxing in the bantamweight category. Rounding off the quintet is hottie Pete Reed MBE who scored a gold medal in the coxless four rowing.

The mag awarded these five the title of Fittest Men of Olympic Team GB and I have to say, I don’t disagree with their choices. The latest issue of Attitude is available for digital download on your iPad or tablet now and hits shelves tomorrow so make sure you pick up a copy. For a quick tease, check out the full cover below.

  • Greg Rutherford… one of the two sexiest redheads in the world and both of them are from England. 🙂