Team Canada Throws It Down


After losing to the United States earlier this week, Canada slaughtered Germany tonight, and I was lucky enough to be there to witness it. It was a sea of Red in GM Place, and it was such an amazing vibe in there. My friend Wayne and I didn’t exactly know where our seats were til we got there, and let me tell you, they were fantastic – we were stoked!


As we were walking into our entrance in Section 119, we were greeted by tons of people taking pictures…and it wasn’t for us. The Great One, Wayne Gretzky with his wife Janet, sitting with Pat Quinn were all right above the entrance. We snagged a pic as we walked in – Gretzky with the same stoic non-smiling look he had during the Opening Ceremonies. It was fantastic. We walked down a few more rows to our seats, to find that we were in Row 8 from the ice. We were SO close – much closer than I had ever been for an NHL game! We were immediately thrilled and a few moments later, Team Canada was introduced and they started warming up.

The game was awesome and Team Canada played really well. One of my favorite goals of the night was when Niedermayer came out of the penalty box and scored a goal within the first 15 seconds of being back on. It was also great seeing Sidney Crosby play…because he’s amazing and well, hot hot hot. Luongo did a fantastic job in net as well. The crowd was happy. The chant towards the end of the night was “We want Russia! We Want Russia!” because now that Canada won tonight, they’ll be playing Russia tomorrow night. To add to a fun night, we made it on the big screen a few times with the crowd cheering shots. There was even a wave that made it’s way around several times at one point, along the sea of red jerseys.

Check out some of the pics I took at the game!


First goal of the game!


Me enjoying the game!


Sidney Crosby – certainly deserves his spot in the Olympic Hotties!


Molson Canadian at the Canadian Olympic game!


Dan Boyle’s mom – she said she originally wanted a girl and told the doctor to cut it off and put in a slit, but is now happy she had a boy. She’s hilarious!