Gay Remake: Taylor Swift “You Belong to Me”


As Adam would say, this j’adorable. We now know that there’s officially a trend for the gays to remake music videos and make them their own. You’ll remember the remake of Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA, made by a group of gays in New York and more recently the homoerotic Ke$ha remake. The Party in the USA remake is at almost 3.5 million videos. Now, there’s a new one made by some students at the University of Rocheseter, NY. It’s the same-sex version of Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me.

In contrast to the Party in the USA remake, where they boys just made it their own and did their own thing in terms of storyline, this remake actually follows the same exact scenes that the original does, replacing girl on boy crush, with boy on boy crush. Granted the way it ends would unfortunately likely not happen, the reality is there is some gay boy in high school totally in love with an unknowing guy (who’s turns out to be bi or gay in this video BTW). When I was in high school, I had to be straight and the idea of asking a guy to the prom would have been the death of me. I’m glad that society has progressed more over the past ten years, where brave boys & girls are more and more able to fight for their right to be themselves & follow their heart.

If nothing else, it’s a cute video.

Gay Crush Version

Original Version